Christmas Mini Sessions - My favorite time of year!

I can't believe it's that time of year again. However, as I sit here and write, the flurries are falling for the second time within the past week, confirming that it really is that time of year! Christmas Mini Sessions are now available! These are my most fun minis of the year! I just love envisioning the set and then making my vision a reality! This year’s is pretty stinking cute, if I do say so myself! And of course, the kiddos in it are the cutest kids ever...okay, maybe that's my biased mommy opinion ;) I love mini session days. People coming to my studio all dressed in their Christmas best or their Christmas pajamas (both go very well with this set, even outdoor winter wear would work),

Eliana is One!

Her name is Eliana. She is one and she is RUNNING. She tried to stand right up on the cake stand with the cake! She would have too if we hadn’t stopped her. I've never seen a kid have so much fun with the smash cake. In fact, Eliana was having such a good time, she forgot to eat the cake! Eventually, Eliana took a few bites of the cake, but she was more interested in making the mess... she ended the session with plopping right down on the cake! Usually cake smashes end with some tears (which make for some memorable and funny pictures), but not this girl... she got after it! There wasn't much left for her to Mommy and Daddy to take home to enjoy, but the cakes are so good! So, we scraped up e

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