About Calissa, BennyAni Assistant


Hello, I'm Calissa!

I met Marggie back in 2012 when she and her husband moved into the house they built right across from mine! I started babysitting her daughter, Aniston, a year or so after she was born. In 2016, while Marggie was pregnant with their second kid, Benten, I started to nanny Aniston full-time. I loved every second of it! I was their nanny until Benten turned one and I still babysit them as much as possible! Those kids have my heart!

I'm a Minnesotan, born and raised! However, I love to travel and explore new places as much as my bank account allows! Especially warmer places! In my free time I love to do DIY projects, spend time outside, go shopping, hangout with my little gecko and be with my friends and family! The most important thing in my life though, is my faith. I do my best to make that clear every day!

If you asked me what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I would tell you that I dream of being a mom! I love being around kids, they are bring so much joy to my life! That's why I quickly accepted Marggie's offer to be her assistant here at BennyAni! Who wouldn't want to work for an amazing mom that constantly has adorable kids coming in and out of her studio?!

My favorite part of my job varies from day to day. Some days I just love helping Marggie with those squishy newborns and other days I'm beyond excited to put cake smash sets together! That's my main job next to working with clients on scheduling and working social media. My favorite sets are the more creative ones or the ones that include florals. Give me a cake smash challenge and I'll happily take it on!

My purpose here at BennyAni Photography is to help Marggie with the behind-the-scenes work so that she can focus on you and taking the exact pictures you are hoping for! If you connect with us, you'll probably hear from me! I love getting to know our clients and their kiddos and would love to work with you!