How can tiny humans be so difficult and so fun all in one?! I'll never know. I'll tell you that kids are definitely my biggest challenge, but I'll also tell you that I love a good challenge! 

Obviously kids aren't always fans of being in front of the camera, but I've been known to work miracles with even the shyest...or unhappiest of kids! 

I take my time with kids. I give them time to get comfortable with me and the new surrounding that they are in. I love being able to capture them looking right at me with those big innocent eyes, but I also love capturing them just being them. As you know, they change so fast, so getting them just being them is something you will cherish for years to come. 

Warning: I may act like a complete fool to get your kids to giggle. I'm totally sane, I promise. 

Children's Photograpy, Kid's Photography

Client  Raves

Marggie is just awesome. She has a way with children that make them just open right up and love her immediately which is what is needed to truly capture the magic of children and their spirit. Book a session with Marggie and I promise you will leave with images you will treasure forever AND a new friend! -Melissa


Marggie is a phenomenal photographer, she was able to get fantastic shots of my shy one year old. Her rates are affordable, and her turnaround time is fast! Highly recommend her!! -Samantha


We are so appreciative of the thoughtfulness behind our beautiful pictures. My 2 little ones are so comfortable with "Miss Marggie" and she is able to get beautiful photos, even when they refuse to smile! Highly recommend!


Marggie is just the best photographer we have ever worked with! She gets great smiles from my kids, and really knows what she is doing. She gives great guidance on how to pose, and will fix your hair or shirt if something doesn't look right, which I really appreciate! She's always in a great mood and my family loves going to see her! -Dorci