Welcome to my Newborn Photography Portfolio!

First and foremost, CONGRATS! If you are here, I'm assuming you're either expecting a sweet new baby or know someone who is and that, my friend, is so exciting!


I'm elated that you are considering having your newborn's images captured. I can't think of a better way to invest money in your sweet baby. Okay, well, maybe a college fund, but other than that, these are moments you will NEVER get back, which makes them pretty priceless. Whew, no pressure on me ;) 

Whether you are looking for those sweet little newborn squishy poses in the studio or a lifestyle shoot capturing those first sweet moments with your baby, you've come to the right place! 

Newborn Sessions are such a special time and I am always honored when new parents choose me to capture this time for them. You're exhausted, delusional maybe. You've just had a baby and you're running on 2 hours of sleep in the last week! No need to stress about the perfect images of your sweet new baby, I've got you covered. I have EVERYTHING you need. All you have to do is show up or invite me over! 

Newborn Sessions are offered in numerous packages! Please see my investment page for more information! If you have any questions, or would like to reserve a date/time for your baby’s photo session, contact me today!

Newborn Gallery

"I can't express enough how in awe I am in your photos of Thorin and our new little family. They brought tears to my eyes as I opened the gallery during a 4am feeding that had started at 1. I was exhausted and feeling lost, but seeing the pictures put me at ease. He'll never be this tiny again and you've captured this time beautifully. I'm excited for our future sessions and capturing our little guy as he grows! These pictures will always be priceless to me! Thank you!" - Venessa B.

"It is completely worth spending the money to get the best photos of your child to cherish forever. I missed an opportunity when Violet was a squishy newborn (under two weeks) to get great photos. However with Marggies expertise she got us amazing pictures of a one month old.

It is so worth going to BennyAni Photography. When Violet (my baby) was about two weeks old, I got a Groupon from a big chain retail store to get newborn photos. I went in during a hectic time due to the holidays approaching, but I had an appointment. We waited for 45 minutes to get into the photo studio. By this time Violet was getting fussy. The woman had me undress Violet and got started right away. Violet was just not cooperating, but the women began taking photos anyways. She had me feed her and pull the bottle out of her mouth right before she would take the picture, so her lips looked pursed for most of the photos. Also, I brought several outfits and items to get pictures with, but they told me only two (which was fine it was a Groupon). One of the things was a purple mesh wrap. When I pulled it out the woman said she didn’t know how to use it but would try. She lightly wrapped Violet up and called it good, and again just started taking pics. We were in the photo area for about 20 minutes. When we were undressing Violet to get her ready, a woman came in and asked if we were done. Then while we were getting her dressed to leave (Violet was crying and upset), the woman came back and again asked if we were done yet. We felt extremely rushed and could tell they were done with us. When we went to look at the photos, there was only about 8 to choose from, and the selection was poor. Again we felt rushed and picked a few we liked and waited two weeks to pick up our photos.  


After getting the photos back, I was very disappointed with them but kept telling myself I got what I paid for. When Violet was a month old, I contacted Marggie at BennyAni Photography. She was kind enough to get us in within a few days, and the experience was completely different. Marggie sent me instructions on what to do with Violet before the shoot to get the best photos. When we got there, we were not rushed, and she asked me to sit down, relax, and feed her. Violet fell in and out of sleep, but Marggie was great and said we could get good pictures awake or asleep. When she started working with Violet, she took the time to relax her for a good 10 minutes before taking pictures. To make Violet comfortable, Marggie had a heater underneath the cushion she was lying on and a heater next to her. She was very patient with Violet and got her to take several great poses during the photo session. We were there for about 2 hours getting the best photos of our daughter Violet. We also got family photos and they turned out to be outstanding. Marggies photography is absolutely fantastic and is well worth every penny.

- Rachel M., BennyAni Client