From Basement to Booming Business!

So much has changed since moving BennyAni photography into a studio here in Burnsville. We are now located next to Sunset Pond Park! We are in the same building as Body Kneads Massage and Northern Life Wellness.

Marggie quickly outgrew her in-home studio, but moving to a business building, even just down the street, was a HUGE decision. It was a bold step but Marggie hasn't looked back! Separating work from play has become much easier to do now! Although, we are willing to admit that sometimes work does feel like play!!

Now that the studio is built for this business, it creates a more comfortable environment for clients. There is always fresh coffee, cold drinks, a couch for when your picture isn’t being taken, and a TV to watch in between sets and/or poses. The studio is also proudly decorated with lots of Marggie’s work from throughout the years. We have lots of space to be prepared for every kind of session!

Another added bonus that every mom LOVES, is the elevator here! It makes trips in and out of the building so much easier! It's not easy to drag kids around or bring a baby carrier down the stairs, trust us, we know. The elevator is more helpful than we could have imagined. Now everything can be carried down to the studio in a stroller if need be! But don't worry too much, it's only one flight down, so if you are a stairs person, it's not a bad trip!

Since moving into this building, Marggie decided she wanted to give an extra thanks to all the families that invest in newborn sessions! It mean's so much that people trust us with their baby's first milestone photos. She decided to start putting together gift bags for each newborn that we have here! Each bag includes a roller set with YoungLiving Lavender/Cedarwood and Frankincense/Lemon essential oils in special mixes just for your sweet baby, a onesie with a custom BennyAni design created by Minnesota Made Custom Designs, and samples of BeautyCounter baby wash and diaper cream. We highly recommend our gift bag items and that's why we love to introduce them to our clients! We would never recommend something we don't use frequently ourselves. We love the BeautyCounter items so much we even give out a discount card from our consultant, Kylie Knudson, so you can keep loving them too!

As a business that specializes in newborn photography, the environment is an important part of our sessions! Here at the studio, we have an easily controlled climate and it definitely makes for happier and more peaceful babies! They love to be warm and the basement just wasn’t cutting it. Now we can better prepare for each session and prep the room accordingly. We always strive to make everyone comfortable!

The most fun sessions we offer are our Cake smash sessions. They have become way more enjoyable and less stressful now that we are at the studio. These sessions were a BIG mess at Marggie’s in-home studio. Now, across the hallway from the studio door, there is a locker room with a shower and a baby tub where the baby can get all cleaned up after the smash. It is so convenient. Parents are always super thrilled when they realize they don’t have to track messy cake and frosting into the car! It also doubles as a changing room and has a mirror for quick finishing touches before your session.

One of our favorite extra offers that goes with our Cake smashes are the bath add-ons! We offer milk baths and bubble baths to add onto your Cake Smash session with 7 extra images! It's so much fun to watch them splash around and get clean after getting so messy. It adds a playful look to your already creative and colorful images!

Multitasking is a must around here. Having an actual desk in the studio with computers at hand is a lot more convenient and ties everything together, bringing the whole business to one room! Now Marggie can keep working on editing images in between sessions, while parents are getting the kids ready, while mom is feeding the baby, etc. Every moment that our clients don’t need our help with something, Marggie can work on editing so we can get those images to our current clients as fast as we can (without compromising quality of course).

The absolute best piece of our studio location is the park and pond right outside our back door! Being able to step right out the door to a beautiful stone path, green trees, and pond scenery makes for amazing backgrounds! Our Winter Mini’s this year were a step out the door which meant we could easily have a decorated set and using the snow machine was a piece of cake! Once we were done with the session, families could go back inside to warm up with a cup of coffee instead of just heading straight to the car. Doing the finishing touches for getting ready could also be done in the warmth.

Getting variety in your images is no problem as we can do some of the shoot inside and some outside! It makes for variety in lighting, colors, and season of the images! The outdoor surroundings are an absolute luxury. You can see the different scenery and how it creates the perfect nature filled backdrops.

We are very fortunate that Sunset Pond park is so close to our home and BennyAni's backdoor. It adds so much to the business!

We are thankful every day that we have the beautiful studio area that we do. It has been such a blessing and the most humbling change! The studio is a milestone marker of the progress at BennyAni Photography. It shows the growth of the business that Marggie has built for herself. In fact, we are already outgrowing this studio! Marggie is always talking about how humbled and blessed this studio makes her feel!. We love welcoming clients, old and new, into our bright and comfortable studio. Come visit us some time! We'd love to have you!!

We hope to see you soon!


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