A Session For Beautiful, Expecting Moms!

Carrying a baby is one of the most beautiful things you could imagine. While it might be miserable some days, it's always worth it in the end. Most moms don't feel beautiful when they are pregnant but here at BennyAni we know how special it is! It's our main goal to make them feel as pretty as they are.

Our maternity gowns are made to fit and flatter any pregnant mom. They have always given us great results! The picture below shows one of our faves. This picture was even hanging on our wall for a long time!

These simple dresses are GORGEOUS on these mama's! They truly couldn't be any prettier!

This new dress is our favorite right now! We have been dying to use it and it's more beautiful than we could have imagined!

We also have loved dresses that mom's brought on their own. We are never opposed to that! They clearly have great taste.

The dresses pictured below are available at the studio and are all neutrals that work for any time of the year! We do have florals as well that can be used if requested! They mostly look good outside in the warmer seasons. Patterns aren't as timeless so we try to steer away from using them too much!

One thing we always like to remind pregnant clients of is the fact that you will never regret doing a maternity session but you very well might regret NOT doing a maternity session. We hear lots of mama's say that and it breaks our heart a little! It's a time in your life that you think you're ready to be done with until you are done and then you wish you could be pregnant again!

We will do everything we can to make you feel gorgeous if you book with us for a maternity session! We know how hard it is and are happy to do anything we can for you! These are pictures of you and that sweet belly that you will never regret <3

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