BennyAni's Top 5 Favorites

I can't believe that I'm even attempting to write this blog! We constantly have new favorite images and it feels impossible to pick our top 5 favorites! These are the most recent favorites that meet many of Marggie's high personal standards!* They are images we are proud to put our name on that show what we are aiming for in every area of photography! It means they are some of our most successful poses, creative ideas, and the angles and lighting we are always striving for! Some of these moments are just to die for!

*images are not in any particular order


I mean...OBVIOUSLY. Am I right?!


He's just SO perfect! Those lips are even more adorable in this pose and he honestly just nailed this one! Everything about him is flawless! We are dying to see him again.


This is an actual players helmet and this is an actually super cute baby! If anyone knows Marggie, you know why this photo speaks to her heart! SKOL!!!!


This little guy came in for a newborn mini and his mama loved his pictures so much right away that she upgraded to a full session and Watch Me Grow package while she was here! Right after this mama upgraded, Marggie put Charlie in this bowl and this was the first shot he gave her! He just might be as excited as we are that he's coming back in a few months! Cutie!!!


Mr. Sully spent his first year with us every 6 months and never gave us smiles. EVER. Put a baby sister in his lap and he'll give anyone the biggest smile in the world!! What love he has for his sister <3

I have a feeling that no one will be surprised by our current favorites. They all speak for themselves! We are constantly gathering new favorites. Our job is way too good to be true!