Our Newborn Process

When you are an expecting mom, you have a lot going on. There is a lot to prepare and even more things to get done before your life is controlled by a new little one(let's be real, kids run their parents live most of the time). We get it. We really do. That's why we like to make our newborn sessions easy on the client! Today I'm breaking down the steps of our newborn session process. If you like to be prepared, are expecting, and are booking with us, you are reading the reading the right blog!

Contacting us

We are very flexible on how you can get ahold of us. We do our best to respond to emails, facebook messages, and calls but things slow down when its the weekend as we aren't in studio over the weekends. Whatever way you would like to contact us, works for us! Email is our most popular form of contact but I also answer calls pretty frequently. Hilariously enough, as I was typing that, the phone rang.

Reserve a spot

To reserve your spot on the calendar, we mark down your due date and collect a $50 deposit for your session. This deposit goes towards your total that is due at your session. We also send you a contract to sign and a questionnaire that helps us get to know you and your preferences. We take care of your set up weeks in advance so that when your sweet baby arrives, we only have to find a session date! We like to make everything easy for you so that you can focus on your new addition.

It's never too late to book a newborn session! We always welcome newborns, even if you didn't find us until after you've had your baby! We have photographed many babies over our recommended age of under about 16 days. Have a 30 day old baby? That's okay, we are up to the challenge! We know your images will still be beautiful!

Baby arrives

Once your baby arrives we ask that you contact us as soon as possible! We recommend scheduling within 2 weeks after your baby's arrival which means the sooner you can contact us, the sooner we can get you a spot in that ideal time frame!

Once we have a session date and time for you on the calendar, you will receive instructions on how to best prepare for your session. These instructions include directions to the studio, what to wear, and how to prepare your baby so that your session goes as smoothly as possible. We tend to hear that these instructions are hard to follow, that's okay! Just do your best, that's all we ask. We've got tips and tricks that we can use here too!

Shoot day

We want your session day to be stress free! That's why we provide everything here in studio! Just bring your sweet family and we will do the rest! We have diapers, wipes, outfits, entertainment for kids and parents, coffee, cold drinks, etc. We want you to have a relaxing experience here! We even have outfit options for mama's and young siblings! Side note: A commonly asked question is whether or not we are okay with dogs tagging along. UM yes!!! Our building is dog friendly and our back door leads outside. Don't stress on this day. We do our best in every area to make sure you are not stressed. We are patient and understanding and know life is a little crazy with a new baby! We block off about 3 - 4 hours and most sessions last less than 2 hours. We are prepared for the worst so never be stressed over this session.

View sneak peek

We know waiting for your pictures is torture! Our full gallery wait is about 4 weeks out from your session date. That's way too long to go without even a peek at your pictures! We provide 5 - 7 "sneak peek" images from your gallery within 48 hours!! That way you have something to tie you over until you receive your full gallery! You can also use your sneak peek images for birth announcements so you can send them out as soon as possible.

Receive full gallery

Your full gallery will come to you in digital form via an online gallery. From there you are able to download your images in high quality to whichever device you'd like! You have receive all print and download rights to your images. We also offer professional printing through our print company which will deliver the highest quality prints you can get! What you do with your images from there on out is up to you.

Once your session is over, it is not goodbye! We offer Watch Me Grow packages and even if you don't book one, we still email you at every milestone just in case you change your mind! We love watching these babies grow, especially from their first week or two all the way through their first year!

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