Capturing Twins

We have had a handful of twins come in and out of our studio. Everything is double the fun when twins are around!Our most recent set of twins were precious little girls, Lucy and Rylee!

Starting with the newborn session, twins can be a handful. Literally! You definitely need many free hands available. Even with Marggie and I combined, we still appreciate helping hands every once in a while. Thankfully, our newborn bean bag can hold a baby safely while we are moving or posing the other. We like to let our parents relax during the session, so it’s great that there are two of us now and they can have a break. I think it’s safe to say that parents of twins are busier than most of us! Nonetheless, the images always turn out so precious! What’s better than two baby sisters snuggling? Twins are sooo precious.

We love using wedding dresses in images, especially with newborns. They turn out pretty every time! Just imagine your little girl getting her pictures in your wedding dress when she's tiny, growing up, getting married and wearing that very dress at her own wedding. Wedding dress pictures are such a treasure that will be passed down for years and years! At Lucy and Rylee's newborn session we took a picture of them on their mama's wedding dress. They had special plans for the dress and she wanted a picture of the two on it before it got made into something new.

When Lucy and Rylee came in for their 3 month, we could suddenly tell them apart! They still look sooo much alike but their features are a little more distinguished now. It was so fun to see the change!! For this session we captured them in their baptism dresses which were made from their mama’s wedding dress. We love the sentiment behind them. The same dress made into something new for the next family milestone. It’s a great image to look back on for years to come. We love when clients bring us their creative ideas!

At this milestone, things get a little tougher for us. The twins were on the move and it was harder to keep them both picture perfect in the same moment but we did our best and the pictures were so pretty. The dresses looked amazing! We can’t wait to see Lucy and Rylee at their 6 Month.

At one year, twins can be a BLAST. This last year we had two Cake Smash sessions with twins that turned out great! It adds so much to the pictures when there are two babies smashing cakes! Each little one gets their own cake to smash. As you can see, it makes for great pictures! How cute are these boys?! Bryce and Sawyer gave us the absolute greatest poses to capture!

“Quick! Gotta grab some of his cake while he’s not looking!”

How fun is it to see a representation of their personalities as twins? Getting messy together and fooling around. Such a perfect moment to capture! Their mom and dad will love looking back on this for years and years to come! The best part is, this mom and dad didn’t get sent home with two messy boys. They avoided bringing home the messy duo and gave them a bath in the shower room across the hall.

The other set of twins that came for a Cake Smash, chose the milk bath add-on. The milk bath photos turned out beautiful. Meet Edison and Eleanor. They are such dolls!

Eddie and Ellie definitely splashed around after their Cake Smash. Eleanor a bit more than Edison surprisingly! These images are so perfect for the bathroom by the bathtub or in the laundry room. They are such simple shots and faces light up when they are encouraged to splash. Eddie and Ellie's mama's will love looking at these pictures for years to come. They are such a treasure!

Eddie and Ellie also came back in the winter for a holiday mini. This year our mini’s were outside in the snow. Eddie and Ellie’s mama’s bought two sessions so they could do something special... The end results will melt your heart. We were in love!!!

As twins get older it's so fun to see how they interact with each other! Their personalities really start to shine and differ from the others. Audrey and Nora are precious little girls that are in and out of the studio pretty frequently! They have so much spunk! Marggie has taken their pictures since they were 3 months old and now, as you can see, they are 3 years old! It's always a treat to take their pictures.

We're excited for to see what twins 2019 brings us! We have two sets of twins booked already this year. We are so excited to watch them grow! If you have twins, bring them to BennyAni Photography. We'd love to have you!

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