Going Outside Our Comfort Zone

We aren't usually very into too many props when it comes to our newborn sessions. We like to keep it simple and timeless but gosh sometimes mom's bring the cutest items along to include! We mostly worry about items that are too big and will drown the baby out but we always do our best to make it work. We LOVE to see a mama's face light up when we capture exactly what they were hoping for <3

This session was out of our comfort zone when it came to props but we ended up adoring it! The happiness on this mama's face when we captured it was beyond priceless. It was everything we work to achieve!!

We also did not have a problem at ALL with this family bringing all this Vikings gear to us! We kinda loved it a lot and though we like to keep newborn pictures timeless, they really wanted family pics in their Viking jersey's and we have never said no to a special request!!

Their last request was something we could NEVER say no to! These boys are named Parker and Holland after... you guessed it... Spider-Man! We HAD to put them in these hats! It was too cute!

Well, we were certainly not expecting to ever use this many props with a newborn session but at the end of it all, we really didn't mind. It was totally worth it to see the look on these boys' mama's face! Newborn sessions just never, ever get old!! <3

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