Kyngsten is 6 Months old!

We love having this little chunk in our studio! He is full of giggles and his dimples melt hearts! There are just some kids that make our job seem so easy and he is one of them! One of his newborn pictures is hung on the wall in our newborn section here at the studio. It's so hard to resist snuggling him. He's so cute and squishy!

At his 3 month session, the giggles were non-stop! He loved Marggie and tickling him had him bursting into giggles! The hair this boy has is so adorable! The curls just get better and better every time. Just look at the rolls on this cutie!!!

We were swooning as soon as Kyngsten come through the door for his 6 month session. He is getting cuter by the day and he's an awesome sitter. Those curls are getting longer too and we hope they are here to stay!

We can't even begin to imagine how adorable this handsome guy is going to be at his one year session! It's hard to believe he could get any cuter. Come back soon, Kyngsten!

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