Milk Bath add-on!

We LOVE the milk bath session add-on at our studio! They are so fun to watch and every baby has a blast splashing around and giggling in a little tub! I might even say it's one of my favorite options we offer! I won't lie, it's not fun to clean up... but it's totally worth it! I would be quick to buy this option for my little ones if I had any. I can just imagine the images hanging above the bathtub for years and years! Until my kids are too embarrassed to have them hanging there!

Recently a mama brought some fruit and flowers in to use in the milk bath and we fell in love! The bright summery colors against all white background was stunning. We might just have to do this more often! It doesn't even steal focus from the baby, it just adds a colorful touch.

We also added flowers to Miss Lyla's bath the following week! She has such sweet smiles already, we didn't know she could smile even bigger!

Milk bath's aren't just for girls! Boys might have even more fun! Cruz splashed around like crazy and his dark hair and eyes looked beautiful in the white bath!

Little Maklin also looked so adorable in the bath as well. His bright blue eyes are so bright in this setting! His mama enjoyed watching him splash around too and that is something she won't forget now that these moments are frozen forever! She decided to put the bath on the set we used for his cake smash!

To add a milk bath to your session, its an upgrade of 7 more images for $150 and it's 100% worth it! The joy on your little ones face is priceless!!

Our milk bath add-on is one of our favorite options!! We love being the ones that encourage kiddos to splash all they want for once in their life! These images will be enjoyed for years to come! They make for great decor above your bathtub and will remind you of the fun times spent bathing your little one. It makes the memory last! They are only this little once and capturing this milestone is so important.