Simple Cake Smash sets

We love our cake smash sessions. It's not hard to tell considering some days we do two a day and love to go all out! Typically our style is simple and timeless but our cake smash sessions are the ones we like to fill with fun props! They are meant to have personality! You just have to make sure your set isn't stealing focus from the star of the show. Lately we have been really loving more simple sets.

This is one of my favorite more recent ones. Alexis' parents did a really great job choosing a simple set. They just asked that we would gather some simple balloons with flowers and add the glitter stars on the floor for a little bit of sparkle. It's gorgeous and it only compliments Alexis rather than distracting your focus.

Another really simple set we did recently is a very popular one everywhere because of how pretty and clean it is. It's great for little ones who can stand! Eva wasn't quite ready to stand for this one but look how beautiful she is sitting on this set!

I promise it's not only girls that have lots of negative space in their sets! Boys do it too! This is our most recent clean set! If you haven't noticed already, we use cream a lot for these more plain themes.

Easton had a little more in his set but we still kept it very basic with minimal props and nothing that sticks out too much! The woodsy sets are always light and natural looking! The "E" in his cake was an adorable addition.

Simple or full of props we love all cake smash ideas! If you are hoping to hang these photos in your home, clean and neutral is the way to go! This keeps these fun images in style for years and years!

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