Tying Culture Into A Photoshoot!

We LOVE to incorporate culture into photo sessions. In fact, as soon we hear that we have the chance to, our excitement gets even bigger! It's such a beautiful thing to capture with a brand new life! Especially a little life that will be raised to learn such amazing cultures and traditions.

One of our favorite shots ever is the one pictured below. This mama brought in her Indian wedding dress and asked us to include it in some pictures of her sweet little Aadhya. It turned out BEAUTIFUL. It's such a joy to capture this for new parents who are excited to hand down these traditions to their little ones. It warms my heart!

This mama also wanted to include her wedding dress. Her little girl is so pretty and after taking this picture, we kinda REALLY hope that her daughter wears the dress at her wedding too. So pretty!

This little peanut is a the perfect blend of Asian and African. We included two cultural outfits into his session and we ADORE it. He's truly the definition of perfection. Learning about both of these cultures during their session was really interesting. It's amazing all the mixed traditions little Eli will have in his life!

These 3 are flawless and are absolutely smitten with each other! This pretty mom is from South America and we learned they had an amazing 5 day wedding!! I can't even imagine all the work that went into that but that's just part of their culture and we thought it was pretty awesome! So much love between these 3!

We love nothing more than adding important pieces of any culture into our photoshoots! It adds so much meaning to them and years down the road these pictures will be even more precious!! I can only imagine how amazing these look on the wall!

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