Using An Image For Inspiration and Making It Our Own

We love trying new and creative ideas. Especially when it comes to newborns! Incorporating special items in the priceless images you will treasure forever is something we will always work hard for. In the past we have been handed hockey sticks, knitted hats, clothing that represents a culture, wedding dresses, baseball gloves, headbands, rings, records, etc. Most recently we were given a glove to incorporate and shown the image below for inspiration!

I think the most precious part of the image is seeing the size comparison. Years down the road, these parents will love seeing how tiny their sweet baby was. So tiny they fit in a glove!

We like the image idea above, however, the posing really isn't our style and we would hate to copy someones work. We love to create a shot that is all our own and can be proudly stamped with our logo! We had another vision in mind for this shot. Below is how we transformed the idea into our own!

When posing a newborn, our goal is to get the as many fingers and toes in the shot as possible! We made sure to pose this little guy just right so that all of his fingers and toes are seen. Look how little they are compared to that baseball!

Our goal was to leave the focus on the baby instead of making the shot so busy. In this picture you notice his little toes and fingers RIGHT away. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this mama brings the baseball and glove to future milestone pictures for this little guy. How awesome would it be if he played baseball one day and he had this picture from his first couple weeks of life?!

We always welcome different ideas as we can easily make them our own! Lots of mama's out there are huge Pinterest fans. Shows us those pins! We will always happily include something to make the pictures more precious to our clients. Don't be shy, bring those creative ideas our way and we will find a way to make it our own style!

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