Newborns & Their Families

October 13, 2017

Not everyone loves to be photographed right after they give birth. I know I didn't! However, I promise it's something you'll never regret! You may not feel pretty, but I promise, you are glowing and so beautiful! 

These first few weeks are ones you will never get back and just capturing the excitement, the nerves, and the love is just so precious! (Click here to view our newborn gallery).

Sibling photos are the sweetest shots I capture. There's nothing as endearing as seeing a new, older sibling with "their baby.” They are so protective, so excited, and so, so cute! These photos are sure to make it in their wedding slideshow someday!

This sweet family is just so beautiful. Big sister, Kyla was just so proud and so excited to be able to hold her new lil' bro, Kase! I mean look at that smile. These images are sure to hang on their walls for years to come!

I always recommend the family, especially the kiddos wear solid colored clothing to help keep the images timeless. (Check out more examples here, here, and here). The last thing you want is for the "big sister" shirt to date your photos or ruin the classiness of them. I can certainly dress your big kid or you can do like this mama and bring your own simple outfit! 


New families & siblings are among the top of my favorite images that I love to capture. The love is palpable!

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