BennyAni Photography Outfit Guide

April 18, 2019

Picking out what you are going to wear for your photography session is always stressful. We totally get that! You don't want to be under dressed but you also don't want to be so dressed up that you don't look like yourself! Coordinating colors and outfits for your family can be a huge nightmare if you don't do it on a regular basis!

Hopefully these tips and tricks will put you at ease. It doesn't have to be so hard. Sometimes you just need a little guidance! Lucky for you, we've been doing this a while and know what really ties a look together!


Casual or Dressy:

If you aren't used to getting dressed up and only do it a select few times a year, we don't recommend wearing dresses with lots of jewelry or suits and ties. You probably want your images to capture who you are and not what you look like when you dress up once or twice a year! Does this mean you should wear sweatpants at your session? Probably not, but make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing! You want your images to be timeless and so do we! Jeans and solid color shirt are a great idea! It's comfortable and looks great on everyone.

If you are planning to have full body images, leave the tennis shoes at home and grab something a little more stylish! Don't feel like you need to keep it totally basic. We are fashion forward here at BennyAni and definitely don't frown upon new looks! These are your pictures to keep and we'd hate for you to regret wearing something simple! We aren't against getting fancy for pictures. If you dress up a lot or that is simply the look you are hoping to capture, that's perfectly fine too! We just don't suggest wearing crazy fancy and flashy jewelry that will take the focus off of you. 




Our style is simple, clean, and timeless. We love solids, neutrals, light and bright colors, or muted tones. Your colors also depend on where your photos are being taken. 

For indoor images, white and black can be a good go-to! We don't suggest dressing everyone in all black or all white, but those are great to throw in the color mix. Especially if you are hoping for your images to still be hanging on your wall in the year 2045! Black and white or solid colors keep your outfits in style down the road! Avoid neon colors that will cast onto your faces as well as any character clothing if you can. It can steal the focus from you. Simple patterns are a great addition to pictures as long as they aren't too busy and distracting. 

For outdoor images, keep your surroundings in mind. If green trees are your background, wearing green might not be the best color. If your pictures have a snowy background, avoid whites and creams! Pick colors that will pop against your background. Always keep the season in mind!



Coordinating outfits and colors:

Start with picking one persons outfit as the inspiration and pick every other family member's outfit based on that one! It makes it so much easier! We don't suggest matching everyone with the same color. Instead, just stick to a color palette and pick colors that go well together! Picking your tone is also a great start. Decide whether you are looking for images that are soft and warm or cool and airy, etc. Cool tone colors would be blues, greys, blacks, whites, dark greens, etc. Warm tone colors would be browns, pinks, mustard yellow, tan, red, orange, etc. If you are unsure about your color coordinating, it doesn't hurt to bring an extra shirt for backup! 



BennyAni studio outfits:

We have many outfits here in studio! Almost too many to pick from! We can dress your little one from newborn to 5t! We even have dresses for mama's! We are always willing to show you what we have here if you are in need of an outfit for your session. In addition to outfits, we have over a hundred headbands and hair clips you can use on your little one at your session. We also have a selection of bonnets and hats. The options are endless!



We never want you to stress about what to wear! If you can't find anything in your closet and you don't want to break your bank, H&M, Target, and Old Navy all have reasonably priced tops, bottoms, and shoes. They also have fun, stylish patterns to pick from. We often help clients put their outfits together at their session so we always welcome several outfit options. We love to give our inpit and aim to make the outfit portion of your session stress-free! 


Happy wardrobe picking!

See you soon!







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