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Mentoring Sessions

Iyou can choose to do all or no
Investing in your business is one of the best things you can do. Take the time to learn from other photographers. Invest your time and your money into worthwhile education. It will grow your business at lightening speed in comparison to just doing it on your own, I swear! I offer 4 parts to my mentoring. Though I highly recommend doing all four parts for the most impact on your business, you can choose to do just one, two, three, or all! 
Part 1: "Fly On the Wall"- This is typically the first session a student does. You just come to the studio and watch me work. I explain what I do/how/why, watch one newborn session from start to finish. $250

Part 2: "All Hands In"- This is where I provide a model newborn and we have 3-4 hours of all hands on teaching. I will teach you  posing/my beanbag workflow/prop shooting and family images with a newborn. You may request a sibling shooting too for an additional fee of $200.00. This portion costs $550.00. It's a full newborn session that teaches you everything from lighting to posing. You can choose gender of model that you prefer! You'll all receive a picture/info brochure on each pose that I teach and the work flow information. You will also get information on how I prep my families before their shoots so that we have the best chance of a sleepy little babe!

Part 3: "Make It Purdy"- This session is a half a day long where we go over editing in ACR and Photoshop. I teach you everything I do behind the scenes of my newborn images. Here is where we really make the images come to life! $500.00

Part 4: "All I Do is Win!"- This day is where I teach you everything I know about the business side of things. Learn how I made just over $30,000 very part time my first year to $200,000+ my fourth year in!!! In this industry, we shoot about a 1/3 of our time and edit about a 1/3 of our time...the last 1/3 is the crucial part. Without it, you could sink fast! 80% of photography businesses fail in the first three years! I went the complete opposite way! Let me show you how! $500.00

Part 5: "Did We Just Become Best Friends? ...Yup!"- I'm not going to teach you and then leave you. I want you to succeed! I will be available for ongoing support/questions. You will also get access to my VIP mentoring page where I will continue to post tips and tricks and new education! This is for those mentees that complete all four parts.

THE WHOLE SHA-BANG: Want to do it all and really get a jumpstart?! You're smart! Let's do this! Bundle and save: $1600.00

**If you are within one hour of me, you must sign a non-compete clause stating that you will not be mentoring or teaching of any kind for one year from the completion of your last session with me.

***If you are traveling from out of the area, we can make this a 2 day package!

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