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Milestone Gallery 

How can tiny humans be so difficult and so fun all in one?! I'll never know.  These precious moments are meant to be frozen. Those little ones grow WAY too fast! Milestone images are something you will cherish for years to come!

Warning: I may act like a complete fool to get your kids to giggle. I'm totally sane, I promise. In fact, you might just end up joining me!

Milestone sessions are for kiddos anywhere from 3months to 3yrs! You can book Milestone sessions individually or as package. We offer two different Watch Me Grow packages, which is our fancy way of saying full first year! Our platinum package includes Milestone sessions every three months until they are one! Our Regular Watch Me Grow package includes Milestone sessions every six months until they are one! We like to end our Watch Me Grow packages with a Cake Smash session. Its a little celebration for sharing your little ones first year of life with us. Some people (me included) suffer from commitment issues and prefer not to bundle. This is why we have Milestone sessions! If your kiddo is older than one, this is ALSO why we have Milestone sessions :) 

Check out the investment page, or contact us for more info

Full Session |                     


Family & siblings, includes 20 digital images 

Mini Session |                    


Kiddo only, includes 7 digital images 

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