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We had a cake smash/family shoot and had a blast during our time there! Very professional, friendly, and the pics are just beautiful! Highly recommended! - Farah


Marggie is just awesome. She has a way with children that make them just open right up and love her immediately which is what is needed to truly capture the magic of children and their spirit. Book a session with Marggie and I promise you will leave with images you will treasure forever AND a new friend! -Melissa


We took months asking for recommendations from friends for newborn photographers and the second we saw Marggie's work we knew we had to book her! We booked the "Watch Me Grow" package and I am SO happy with our newborn shoot. Marggie was extremely patient with our baby and made sure we were comfortable with everything she was doing. I'm so excited for our next few shoots with her and cannot wait to keep working with her!!!! -Paige H.


I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to work with such a lovely person. Not only was Marggie so accommodating, and attentive to my needs but she was flexible and willing to do whatever it took to make me happy. I am so very excited to work with her again for our sons newborn photos. Our maternity photos turned out stunning and gorgeous. Thank you again Marggie for your outstanding work, I look forward to a great future with you as our family photographer now! -Tamara


Marggie is a phenomenal photographer, she was able to get fantastic shots of my shy one year old. Her rates are affordable, and her turnaround time is fast! Highly recommend her!! -Samantha


After lots of searching and asking for recommendations from friends for newborn photographers, we decided on Marggie and it was hands down the best decision we made. She was a joy to work with and was completely flexible when it came to our super alert, refuse to fall asleep newborn son and our 22 month old daughter who wanted to help with everything! Her passion for what she does shines through not only during the session but also in the finished product. We are so pleased with how our son's pictures turned out and we cannot wait to go back to Marggie in a few weeks to take our daughter's 2 year photos! I would highly recommend her to anyone. You will not be disappointed. -Brittany


I got a one year package for my baby girl and it's been worth every penny. Marggie has been flexible, patient with my stubborn baby, and so easy to work with. The photos always come out beautifully despite my doubts when my daughter seems to be so uncooperative. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. -Jen


Great newborn session!! She really knows how to handle and position babies for the cutest shot. She keeps the babies calm and always very safe. In fact, we were able to use her calming techniques at home to put our baby to sleep lasted that night. Thanks! We look forward to the future Watch me Grow sessions! -Janessa


Absolutely amazing....extremely talented, flexible, friendly, great with our newborn son, and overall just a joy to work with! Highly recommend. -Brent


We are so appreciative of the thoughtfulness behind our beautiful pictures. My 2 little ones are so comfortable with "Miss Marggie" and she is able to get beautiful photos, even when they refuse to smile! Highly recommend!


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