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What to wear for fall family photos

Dressing the whole family for fall photos is so stressful! We totally get it. A great tip is to start by picking one outfit that you love for one member of the family and from there, coordinating everyone else's outfits will be much easier. Remember, you don't all need to match. We don't recommend dressing kids like twins, but coordinating them is great!

We are BIG fans of bold primary colors, such as Navy, Rust, Mustard, oranges, Maroon, etc. AVOID florescent colors that will cast color onto your beautiful faces, as well as character clothing of any kind (paw patrol, princesses, etc). Style things up, think outside of your norm and have fun with it! Don't wear black or dress the entire family in all white. Yes, black is slimming but its also boring. Try Navy if you like to stay on the darker side for clothing. Also, don't dress the family for a wedding or Easter Sunday... dress for a fun day with the kids outside. Add style but keep it comfortable. A long flowing maxi dress is great for Mom to add some movement to the images, but jeans and a cute top with layers is perfect too!! Don't over think it and don't be scared to mix and match something you wouldn't normally think of. Chances are you have everything in your closet already! For dad a sweater, quarter zip, or button up with jeans or khakis is great. Also, shoes... important. Leave the kids tennis shoes at home and hit Target for something a bit cuter! No need to break the bank - H&M, Old Navy, Target and Zara are ALL awesome with cheap choices! Amazon has surprisingly great variety for options too. For mom, we don't recommend wearing high heels for outdoor images.

Below is a gallery full of ideas too! Matilda Jane put these lookbooks together to help plan according to the fall line. Some of the Women's and Girl's items may even still be available if you are interested in these specific choices. Otherwise, it's still a great peek at color options that work well together for this season. We have also put together a Pinterest board that displays ideas for this. Including colors that work well together and actual outfit ideas for the whole family! Click here to view the Pinterest lookbook

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