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A few things I've learned as Assistant at BennyAni Photography

This job has been the most fulfilling job I've ever had. It's such an honor to watch all these babies grow through the years. I've picked up a few things working at BennyAni Photography. First off, I have learned to appreciate photos. Especially milestone photos. Working here has shown me how quickly kids grow and how important it is to capture every second you can. I love candid photos and that is what we are all about at BennyAni Photography - capturing the love a family shares with each other.

The baby fever didn't set in for me until I started working here. Now every time we are capturing a family loving on their new addition, I can't help but dream of the day I get to do the same! Baby fever to the max!!!

I've learned more about what it's like to be a mother at this job than I have any other place. Yes, I hear all about the crazy labor stories and stressful things that come with being a parent, but I still can't wait! I feel more prepared after working here with mama's and their babies. No, I will NOT be having baby any time soon but I often get asked if my job gives me baby fever and I'm here to tell you - it absolutely does! When I get the pleasure of snuggling a baby at the studio during a session, my day is instantly made. I am grateful to those of our clients who have let me be a part of their child's first year of life. It's an honor.

One of the biggest things I have learned is photography is NOT easy! Not everyone can do it and there is so much that goes into it. It's not simply clicking a button, it's much more. It's about knowing how to pose, how to guide families, and how to capture genuine moments. Photography is not for everyone and it's never as easy as it looks. Kid/baby photography is even more advanced. You have to worry about safety all while keeping their attention and smiles long enough to capture the perfect shot. It takes some finesse.

Every day I learn something new. Every week I'm meeting new people. Every year I'm watching another baby turning one after being present at their newborn session a year before.


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