BennyAni Photography FAQ's

What services do you offer?

BennyAni specializes in capturing newborns and their families within their first few weeks of life together. We love working with children and find joy in capturing their early moments in life. They are only little for so long and we love to freeze those moments forever! In addition to our specialty, we love to capture baby's first year milestones and expecting mothers.

How would you describe the style of your images?

We are all about capturing candid moments! We love for the sole focus to be on the ones in the image and not the surrounding area or the stiff pose they were put in only for pictures. Everyone loves to look back at a picture and see the laughter and fun or the beauty and love in a moment that was captured forever! We like to keep our images simple and timeless so as not to pull attention away from the person or family. We want you to have images that will hang on your walls for years to come!

Where do sessions take place?

Our studio is located in Burnsville with a door that walks right out to Sunset Pond Park. We recommend that sessions take place at the studio where we have everything set up and provided. You will find you can have a lot more variety while at the studio as we have indoor and outdoor spots to shoot and lots of outfits for little ones! We have everything you need! We are willing to travel upon request for full family sessions.

All newborn sessions take place at the studio as we have too much equipment that we cannot easily transport.

How do I book with BennyAni Photography?

Each session style tab on this website has a “Let’s get started” box at the the bottom or side of the page where you can fill out your information to get started with the booking process! We are also available via e-mail or phone: or 952-426-0051.

How soon should I book my session?

It’s never too soon to schedule! Our calendar fills up fast so we always encourage you to book as soon as you can. Newborns play by their own rules and can always be born early or late so as soon as you know you’d like to book with us, contact us and we’ll put your due date on the calendar to reserve a spot for your session!

What is preferred time frame for newborn and maternity sessions?

It is best to capture newborns within the first 16 days of their arrival while they are sleepiest and still look so new! We are willing to capture newborns past the 16 days but please keep in mind that your images may not have as much variety if we have to keep the baby swaddled to stay calm and sleepy for pictures. All swaddled images are beautiful too but to get those squishy newborn poses we need very sleepy and moldable babies that are only a couple weeks old. Once they get older it's impossible to pose them as they become less flexible as time goes on.

Maternity sessions are best scheduled at your 32 - 36 week mark so that we can be sure to capture your maternity images before you deliver. If we wait too long your baby might come early and we will miss out on capturing your pregnancy.