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Updated: May 10, 2022

Well, the day has finally come......My first solo shoot for BennyAni!! If you told me a year ago, where I’d be today, I would've had a million questions. My first question would be HOW? Following your passion isn't easy, it takes patients and persistence! I've been chasing this photography dream of mine for about 6 years now. I don't believe in giving up, THANK GOD!

I've always been more of an editorial photographer....Creating content like make up launches, clothing brands, and fashion photography. During my years of nannying, I fell in love with family photography! Freezing moments of genuine love on the faces of kiddos and their parents is precious. The beautiful thing about the creative world of photography is that you never stop learning. My experience is all over the board but I couldn't be more excited to continue growing my experiences with the BennyAni brand. I can't wait to show more of my skills :)

On Wednesday I did my first extended family photo shoot, I have done extended family in the past and it's so fun. Whenever I shoot with large families, it always makes me a little jealous.... I want my family here to do the same thing! Check out the sneak peek on our Facebook and Instagram, it turned out so cute! Coming up, I have a birthday party photo shoot (with a real life unicorn named Sparky)-so excited. I also have a maternity session booked and this is just the beginning!! I can't say thank you enough to Marggie, for trusting me to photograph under her established brand name. I also want to thank all of you guys, without you I wouldn't be able to get these opportunities!! I am feeling so grateful and lucky to be where I am, and where I'm going! It's hard to put in to words at the moment because it still hasn't totally sunk in.

Love you all


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