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Updated: May 10, 2022

I know I'm new around here, but wow this week was crazy! Crazy fun of course :)

I'm starting to get the hang of things around BennyAni, but all good things take time and balance. Learning to balance all the small things in life is never easy, It seems like there's ALWAYS something to do. We need balance to keep us from focusing our energy on one thing, for too long. There are many things I've been focusing my energy on this week, but here are some of my favorite.


Aside from props for cake smash themse, I painted a few bigger things this week :)

- Cake Smash Clean up Mirror -

When settling into a new studio, we have had some silly moments. This mirror situation made us laugh during some of the stressful parts of moving. While installing a new mirror we discovered a hidden surprise. Good news for me, more PAINTING :)

- Mural Wall -

Painting is so relaxing, when you set aside time to truly enjoy it. This video highlights the journey so far, of turning this wall into a beautiful BENNYAni entrance.


I'm not sure if it's a healthy coping mechanism, but the result is so satisfying and beneficial.

- Florals -

In honor of valentines day quickly

approaching, client's have been asking for corresponding colors to be included in their sets. I tasked myself with organizing our collection of florals, to make creativity more accessible. I chose to highlight our frequently used/requested florals with this shoe organizer, functional and cute!

Did you see our hot cocoa bath? There was a variety of unique sessions that we put together this week :) Go check out our Instagram Facebook for sneak peeks of our daily sessions! You’ll find Cake smash’s, Milk Baths, Newborns, Family and more.

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