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That's right! I'm already sharing our holiday specials this year. Why? Well, duh!! Because they include some amazing products that you will certainly want BEFORE the holidays! In case you didn't know, our professional print products are AHHHH-MAZING!! So, I've bundled a few of our faves to create the perfect holiday bundles. Keep them for yourself or give THE PERFECT GIFT-one that will last A LIFE TIME and then some! Seriously, read on. No, really, keep reading. It's fun. I'm funny. It's interesting. Keep going, silly. *Pro tip, scroll to the bottom to see the bundles, then scroll up to see the actual products that are in the bundles. You follow?! No, okay! I get it. Just email me, I got you!

Without being able to show you in person, I'm going to show you the best way I know how, through photography of course!!! Some of our Holiday Collections include "Wall Art". In layman's terms, something pretty you can hang on your wall. You have the choice! Choose an heirloom framed image, a float frame, a standout, or a metal print! See the details of each below!

Our FRAMED IMAGES: The perfect master piece heirloom to last for generations. All of them come with deep matte photo paper because, well, it's the best, duh. Yup, that's two duh's so far. Bear with me. Aside from the bomb-diggity paper (yes, I did just say bomb-diggity), they are air-tight sealed, so they will never bubble or get wavy. They are also UV protected so they will never fade even if you hang them in the most sunny spot in your home. They also come with glare resistant museum glass. They are stunning. We have SO MANY gorgeous frames to choose from. Let me help you choose the perfect one for your home or for your loved one! Here's a sample of a couple of my favorite frames!

FLOAT FRAMES: These are flying out of my studio. Okay, not actually, but I'm almost certain 90% of my last 10 print appointments have ordered float frames, yes, more than one. Yes, they are that awesome!! The float frames that come in our Holiday Bundles come with our gorgeous deep matte paper, which is my all time fave and I highly recommend it (remember, it's bomb-diggity?). However, you can also upgrade and switch it up to a canvas or a metal if you wish! We have a ton of float frames to choose from. Here are a few of my favorite at the studio. Let me help you pick the perfect one for your wall. Side note, these hung vertically in groups of 3 are super duper bomb-diggity. Yup, I said it again. Look how pretty! Of course you can add to your Holiday Bundle...or just bundle these three and make your own collection. Just ask!

STANDOUT IMAGE: These light weight, gorgeous images are my most popular seller. I have a little secret though. They are popular because I sell them in a collage. Two 20x20's with 2 20x24's. They make the perfect square collage-see below. They are so light weight, that we use velcro strips to install. No holes on the walls! They also come with our deep matte photo paper. Think canvas only SUPER smooth, gorgeous photo paper vs canvas. These are the 3/4" thick standouts. The bundles come with the 1 and 3/4" thick standout if that is what you prefer!

METAL IMAGE: Another super popular product that almost everyone is ordering. Such a fun/unique look to add to your home. Some of my collections include them as 8x10 with a stand up backing or you can also choose to have your wall art come as a metal image so that you can hang it on the wall. These images are sure to spark conversation. They also make great mudroom/bathroom images, especially with cake smash or milk bath images! They handle steam well. Look how pretty!! Go big or small, they are all stunning!

Also included in the bundles are ACRYLIC IMAGES. From big to small, these things are the bomb-diggity....whoop there it is... again! See what I did there? I'm a total 90's kid. Stick with me. I'm fun. I promise. Anyway, I have a large acrylic (or glass) image hanging at the studio, which I LOVE, but I didn't know how much I would love the small ones until I ordered one. Look at how pretty these are!!! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I love them. So unique and so pretty. Keep for yourself or again, give the perfect gift. Yes, yes, calm down, you can add more to your bundle. There's enough for everyone.

I also included a HOLIDAY ORNAMENT in each bundle. These are two sided and made of bamboo. We can do whatever you want on each side. Customize to match your holiday card or do two images! Whatever you prefer. Of course, we'll add the year because, yes, this is a yearly must for your annual family photo now. Yes, it is. Don't argue with me. It's a must. Your tree will look stupid without it! ;) If it wasn't October, I'd take a picture of mine to show you, but they are still buried deep in the Christmas decor dark corner of my basement storage. Not going there. Nope not yet. That area is actually about to get a whole lot better and easier to access though, thanks to OrgANNEizer!!! Check her out! Okay, back on subject...

And last but not least, I, of course, included HOLIDAY CARDS with each bundle. I know, I know, a lot of you are way cooler than me and have a ton of friends and family, and your dentist, and your dog's best friend's mom, and your favorite cashier at Cub, and your cousin's boyfriend's sister's aunt, to send them to. Don't worry. You can add more to your bundle. These come on the softest paper. It's even called "soft touch matte". It's not just card-stock, people. Your images will print clear and your face won't be all pixilated and you won't have fuzzy things on your teeth and stuff. You paid a good price to have them taken, why on earth do you want to send them out looking crappy. And also, I took the time to smooth out your skin and get rid of that blemish, let's showcase that youthful skin! ;) Your card will standout from the rest for sure. We have TONS of designs to choose from or I can personally design one for you! They do come with envelopes. You can even upgrade to colored envelopes, with your return address AND the address of your recipients if you'd like!! Holy time saver! Did we just become best friends? YUP!

Another added bonus aside from getting all these BOMB-DIGGITY products?!? You're shopping local and supporting a small business and for that I am very very grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here are my Holiday Bundles. You can always customize your own bundle or add to any of these. Also, if there is a wall or walls that you really want done in your home, especially before the holidays, contact me! I have the technology to put products I'd suggest right on your wall for perfect visuals before purchase!!




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