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Calissa: My time as Assistant at BennyAni Photography

When Marggie offered me the position of her Assistant 3 and 1/2 years ago - it didn’t take long for me to jump at the opportunity. A job where I get to watch babies grow, be creative, and work with amazing clients every day? Yes, please! Over the years I’ve felt my love for creativity, people, and the desire to have kids of my own grow. Working here has taught me so much about littles and being a mom. That would not have been possible without all of the wonderful clients we have had through the years!

It has given me so much joy to get to know everyone who has come through the studio. Watching babies grow all the way from their mama’s belly to toddler years is an HONOR. There is no other word! I always got to be the “candy lady” which always meant I got to chat with big siblings too. Watching big siblings take on their new role is always the cutest!

I looked forward to working with our clients every day. I got the pleasure of working with hundreds of great parents. Investing in pictures of your kids is an amazing gift to them. After working at BennyAni through the years I have learned how important pictures truly are. Kids grow so fast. I LOVE looking back at pictures of myself as a little kid and someday so will your kids! You are giving them a peek at their beginning and how much they have grown.

I’m so thankful to Marggie who has taught me so much, trusted me with her business, and cared about me through the years. We’ve worked together for about 6 years now as I used to nanny her kids so this next phase of life is going to be a big change for both of us. I hated the days working in the studio by myself. Working next to someone you could chat for hours with that knows you well is 100% better. We’ve had a blast together and I’m going to miss being her sidekick so much! We have conquered so much together.

Though I’m sad to go, you will all love the new assistant, Marki, so much! She is amazing with kids and brings a great energy to this business! Good luck fighting the daily baby fever, my friend ;)

I’m beyond excited to see where BennyAni Photography goes in the future. The new studio is going to open many more possibilities and I can’t wait to see it. I am absolutely going to continue to follow and uplift BennyAni Photography - especially on Facebook so I can keep watching everyone grow through the years!

Thank you all so much for a fantastic 3 and ½ years watching your kids grow <3 You made this job the wonderful job that it was.


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