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Can We Skip To The Good Part

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Like many others, I find myself with trendy little songs stuck in my head. You know that Tik Tok/ Instagram reels song that goes “Can we skip to the good part” and then the scene changes and the beat drops…Okay, I don't need to explain this in too much detail, but it feels like my life revolves around instagram REEL sounds. In fact, I actually took a REEL clip in my sleep the other night. Yep, some people sleep walk but I….take instagram reel clips. I don't remember anything about it but the video was so steady with the pan and zoom, it actually freaked me out a little.

We take reel clips everyday here at work, a lot of you are probably in them :)

Those of you who are into Social media marketing, you know that reels are one of the most effective ways to reach a larger audience and get your name out there.

My interest in photography actually started with videography. After a while in videography I connected with the AP photography teacher and started getting into editing with photoshop rather than premiere. Okay, what were we talking about again….Oh yeah, CAN WE SKIP TO THE GOOD PART. See what I mean… it's engraved in my brain and so relevant for my scatterbrain self. I'm going to link this song below because if you don't know what I'm talking about…First off, I apologize. Second off, do you live under a rock?

I mean that with absolutely no offense! If you don't know this popular sound, that probably means you're not on those mind numbing, social media apps like the rest of us. That is worth congratulating. Marggie and I often say “if we didn't need social media for work, we wouldn't be on it nearly as much”.

Ugh, ANYWAY, this freaking song.

I actually saw this live one time and it was truly the best performance I've ever been to! They are creative geniuses who REALLY know how to put on a show. It was the first concert I have ever been to that had people of all ages in attendance! Well, actually I remember one christian rock concert I went to as a kid and that was low key the same, as far as audience…not music. I put some random 7yr old on my shoulders and also my 21yr old friend at one point. With all the dancing and human lifting I did, I had myself a serious workout. I'm okay with this being stuck in my head because, before it was just a 30 second-social media transition “sound”, it was an amazing song.

So all of this to tell you about THE BEST PART of our week.

I love what I get to do everyday and I would never be able to pick 1 best part. Here's a few instead. As a retired nanny I love playing with kiddos, and I get to do that constantly here. Sometimes it’s hard to choose between working and playing, but they go hand in hand here at BennyAni. We have had quite a few adorable munchkins in this studio, many of which I've had the pleasure of Watching grow :)

As many of you know I started working here about 7 months ago and I have seen a few kiddos grow from 6 months, to a year, then come back again for their print appointment. Many little ones are comfortable with us by that point, and we have a blast! Although we are always sad to come to the end of watch me grow, we love getting to know our clients and patiently wait for their name to pop up in our inbox again. Marggie gets so excited when old clients come back with another baby, I will too (once I've been here long enough for that to happen).

You probably saw our reel of the cutest things ever, but that pretty much summarizes how adorable our week was. We had a few watch me grow kiddos come back for print appointments and since those take place in our office…I'm surrounded by cuteness for the day! I love when kiddos peek their little heads over my desk, just like Pierce at the beginning of this video! Those cute little cheeks and that tiny smile, so stinkin’ cute. I could go into detail about every single little part of this video but since I spent all my time talking about that silly song stuck in my head (I realize it's not even the song I used for the video so that's cool) Let me SKIP TO THE GOOD PART… I think overall my favorite part of the week was seeing these sweet little faces!

I can't wait to see what little faces come into the studio next week! Happy Friday friends!

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