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Crafting... One of my favorite things about my job!

I've always loved to craft. I grew up scrapbooking and making cards. If I'm bored you can find me crafting away! One of the many perks of my job is that I get to craft all the time! I put together all the cake smash sets here at the studio so I love that I get to use my creative juices at work too. Crafting is how I relax so sometimes it's just the break I need to keep pushing through the day!

These birch trees I'm working on below have been used MANY times since I made them. We can hang them on any backdrop! I cut them out when they were finished so that we could use them for several sets.

Recently I got to paint these Mickey Mouse letters too! They were perfect for this smash.

We also invested in a Cricut Machine last year that can create soooo many things that we often use. Cake toppers, banners, onesies, the Mickey Mouse cutouts, so many things! Being able to make more custom pieces for these sessions is beyond amazing!!

Another crafting project I picked up while working here is making flower crowns! It's so fun and the outcome is always rewarding. My craft supply stash is literally overflowing with flowers. Here's one of the ones I made recently! I would have never started making these if it hadn't been for this job. I barely even knew how high demand was for them until I started here!

Even the rings are handmade/decorated. I seriously love that this is my job! Who knew you could get paid to craft every once in a while ;) If you need something to do while you relax, try crafting! It always relieves my stress and re-centers me.

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