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Goodie Bags

BennyAni personalized goodie bags
Newborn Goodie Bags

I remember going to birthday parties as a kid and leaving with goodie bags! Do parents still do that? It’s the best! I don't know about you but one of my love languages is gifts. It seems so shallow to say gifts are a love language but it's true! The value is not important, just the fact that there is a tangible item to express affection for you. Come on, that's so cute!

If you book a newborn session, you receive a goodie bag from us! I wanted to take a moment to highlight what's inside these little goodie bags because I pack them with love everyday. If you like surprises then only read this after you open your goodie bag, okay?I love adding new things to the goodie bags but I need the input from you guys! What do you want to see inside? Is there anything we could add to show our affection and appreciation for our favorite people?


Uniquely designed custom newborn onesies with the BennyAni logo and essential oil roller for baby feet
Newborn onesie and Sleepy Baby roller

Tiny things make me smile, especially tiny humans. What’s better than a tiny human repping their favorite photographer? babies grow so fast and we love to see them along the way, tag us on social media so we can stay in touch with our tiny clients :)

I think including something holistic is important, Mother Nature has all the good vibes! I have TONS of aromatherapy recipes but one that I recently learned is the “sleepy baby“. These little rollers are a mixture of cedar wood, orange, and lavender. Roll a little bit of this on your babies feet around bedtime to promote a calm, relaxed, peaceful, mind and body. The combination of these oils can often relieve discomfort. Essential oils are very complex to explain, so I’ll give you the simplest way to understand…

Liquified plants with healing qualities. In other words, Mother Nature magic. When those little molecules are inhaled or absorbed they work with your body to deliver natural healing qualities. I could talk forever about the topic of aromatherapy but then we will get into crystals and astrology, possibly the divine universe we live in. I’m going to stop myself now.


BennyAni business cards, pen, chapstick and custom water bottle
Water bottle full of more goodies

This one probably doesn’t need explaining, right? Basically we can't say thank you enough so we just added some essentials that everyone needs.

You can never have too many pens or chapsticks, I swear it's a never ending cycle of disappearing and then reappearing when you need them. These are to add to your collection! Hey, maybe they will make it to the top of that favorites list! The water bottle is one of the rotating items, we like to mix it up so give us some ideas what to use instead of a water bottle. What are some essentials you would enjoy using?


A tri fold of all the options we offer for printing, include packages and prices
Newborn Printing Brochure

This brochure is included because when you receive your gallery, you'll want to hang those beautiful images on the wall! Marggie is truly amazing at what she does and if I had a little newborn baby of my own, those would be framed all over the house! We offer all sorts of options for printing, many of which are hanging in our studio! My personal favorite is the "Metal print" it has such a beautiful industrial but elegant finish to it and hangs as if its floating off the wall! When you schedule a print appointment after your newborn session we create a video compilation of all the images over music and trust me when I say, tears will be a flowing! More information be found on our website under the "prints" tab or click the button below!


We truly can't thank you guys enough for your business. One of the biggest compliments is bringing us more babies! We are lucky enough to have the best job and watching your families grow along the way is what makes it even more meaningful.



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