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Highs & Lows

Growing up, we had a tradition at dinner time. While we filled our bellies with food, we shared our reflections from the day. My family called this “Highs and Lows.”

A “High” is the best part of your day and a “Low” is the...not so great part. There was a few rules to this tradition, some may say Game, others say requirement?

Rule #1 you must share at least one High.

Rule #2 you must have more Highs than you do Lows.

As the youngest of three kids, I loved attention (I’m not afraid to admit it). What can I say, I am purely entertainment. I sat there, ready to go first! Beginning my never ending list of things that made me happy during the day. This entire concept, made my siblings upset because…

Rule #3 No interrupting.

Yup! That’s right, they had to sit and listen to every high I came up with. No one could stop me. What I would call childhood trauma, has now lead me to pure happiness in life. I now am capable of telling millions and millions of stories, about things that made ME happy. Now that I’m starving and ready for dinner, allow me to do the same thing to you now. Don’t worry, I will make this one short and sweet!




  • The First Maternity Session In the New Studio

With everything there is to keep up with in the studio, we stick to artificial for the most part. We have more variety to offer during shoots because artificial last longer! To be honest, our artificial collection seems to grow faster too. For this special occasion, Marggie wanted to incorporate some fresh Babies Breath.

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  • Designing Sets

With all the props, ideas and creativity flowing in the studio the options are endless. I might have a minor panic attack (simply from excitement) when Marggie tells me the vision. The point is…It’s not very important to everyone but its what I love most about my day!

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  • The Fruit-snack Monsters

It cracks me up when kids bring us their fourth, and fifth, fruit snack pouch. When everyone else was taking pictures they needed some help. How can I say no to them? they deserve another fruit snack! Needless to say, I will NOT be moving the fruit snack basket. At least, for now. I am simply in charge of keeping the peace. I will admit, too many fruity snacks can lead to sugar rush. With all great sugar rushes, comes sugar crashes.

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  • The Snow

I am not a huge fan of the cold but hey, its out of my control! Who really cares. Happy end of February, its almost SPRINGGGGG

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