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Marggie here. Did you know that I have so many friends?

If you're from Lakeville or surrounding area, this one is a MUST KEEP READING.

Okay, Okay, my title was a bit arrogant. Though, it's true, I'm very blessed with many amazing friends, I'm not trying to gloat about that. I'm here to tell you about all the new friends I made JUST THIS WEEK!! It was a crazy busy week of networking and these new people I met are so amazing, I needed to tell you all about them. And also, we're adding something fun to the studio, so keep reading if you wanna know more!

Lakeville and the surrounding area has so many "best kept secrets" of little hidden gems. What the heck does that mean? It means we have so many amazing businesses that too many people do not know about! Say what?! That's right, I'm about to blow your mind with some super cool businesses that are right here in your own backyard, figuratively speaking!

BUT first, I want to tell you about a new friend I met this week that is not a small business owner. She works for a small business, Frandsen Bank and Trust in Lakeville. You guys have to get to know her. I mean seriously, this is important!!! So who the heck is she? She's none other than, Marilee Jager !! This woman is absolutely AMAZING and I am BEGGING YOU to click her name and get to know her!! WHY!??! Because people, she is running for our school board in district 194 and this is SO VERY IMPORTANT. I beg you to put politics, political parties, and preconceived notions aside, go in with an open mind to every candidate, and truly learn who they are, why they are running, and what they are going to do for our children and our teachers!!!! She's a friend of a friend, but that didn't mean I automatically supported her or that she got my vote. I take this very seriously. I mean, why wouldn't I? These are my kids we are talking about. So, I met with her to ask her allllllllll the things! She blew me away. First of all, it takes a lot of courage and strength to run for something like this. As well as time, money, and a whole lot of stress. But she's doing it anyway! She stands for our children and our teachers and she IS THE VOICE WE NEED IN OUR DISTRICT! I won't stand on a soap box and tell you why. I really urge you to find that out for yourself like I did. Do your research and cast an educated vote. Okay, off the soap box I said I wouldn't be on! ;) You can give her a follow on social media if you'd like too! Here's her Facebook Page!

Here we are with our bellies full of goodness from Lakeville Nutrition. Keep reading to find out more about that!

I joined a really cool networking group this week, called the Networking Ninjas! Sweet name, eh? Believe it or not, being a small business owner isn't all about just your little ol' business. It takes an army, people! I met some pretty cool people and learned about some great businesses right here in our area that I can't wait to do business with myself, or in the very least, spread the word about them. I won't share a ton about all of them, but be sure to check out the list of them below. They are all small town business folk, like myself. Let me highlight just a few of them for you this week!

OrgANNEizer, She's AMAZING!! First of all, she makes me smile ear to ear. You know those people that when you are around them you can't help but smile and feel joy? She's one of those. She's so bubbly, and fun, and REAL! I JUST LOVE HER! She has an incredible organizing business where she can come into your home and organize anything and make your life a whole lot less cluttered and a whole lot more simplified. One thing I learned about her this week is she does more than that! Need an extra set of hands for laundry, running errands, or even having a yard sale? You name it, this woman is your gal! I cannot wait to utilize her services! Buuuuut, I'll probably keep her busy for the next 10 years, so you might want to grab her before I get her started on my chaos! Check out all she has to offer here!

Laser Mama! Oh Kristy, what a sweet heart! She is just one of those women that has it going on. She's so sweet and so creative and so dang fun! She has a laser business right in her home! What the heck is a laser business! Well, she makes really cool Sh*t! I'm talking really cool. Anything from personalized mugs to notebooks to cutting boards to Iwatch bands, say what? Yes, it's that big of a variety! The holidays are coming, people. Get creative...or reach out to her and let her do it for you. I can't wait to blow my kid's teachers away with gifts from her! Check her out here!

This next one should be no stranger to you!! She's my "cake lady", but obviously so much more than that! Rosa, from Sweetly Made for You, makes the most incredible customized treats. If you've been lucky enough to try one of her cakes here at the studio, then you already know she's got some crazy good talent, no pun intended! But there's so much more than cakes. She's so creative. She even made "Back to School Gifts" for teachers, that had a cute little card that said, "Good luck with my kid!" Ha! Oh how I wish I hadn't been on vacation and missed those. I'll for sure hit her up for holiday treats for teachers to go with their Laser Mama gifts! WINNING! Be sure to click her business name too and give her a follow on Facebook. Her pictures are almost as delicious as her treats! I'm salivating. I'm not even sorry.

Here's the four of us together, networking away!! So fun having meetings with other lady bosses!

One more Lakeville business I want to highlight here this week isn't in our networking group, but I just found her this week and I'm blown away!! Lakeville Nutrition is AMAZING! She's right across the street from me (backside of Holyoke) and I had no idea!!! So, you go in, you get a shot of aloe (yup, you read that right and it's yummy. I did the mango). It's good for your digestive system. Then you pick your tea (caffeine, yeah baby), this is thermogenic, which means it actually burns 100 calories!! Ummmm, I'll take 5 please, thanks! Then you pick your shake. She told me to pick the flavor as if I was picking my favorite ice cream! Okay, Salted Carmel please. Oh, p.s. I got Skittles tea. Yup, Skittles. Anyway, the shake was DELICIOUS and had a ton of protein in it. You guys, I was FULL ALL DAY LONG. I kid you not. I ate supper, but I totally didn't need to. I didn't eat very much because I was still so full. I had NO CRAVINGS during the day and I was super energized and didn't feel tired mid afternoon. Okay, fine. Just take all my money Lakeville Nutrition. I'll be seeing you every morning!

And last but not least, is one I'm super excited about because we are teaming up! Say what! What the heck am I up to now!?!?! Well, many of you have asked for it and as you know, I'm a people pleaser, so here you go! Hair and makeup? You got it!! Oh you need a wax and a haircut too? Maybe some temporary extensions for pictures? I got you, girl!! I met Kelly over at The Hair Studio! She's right across the street from me too! Yes, downtown Lakeville is where it's at, friends! Soon, I'll have packages available for you to add to your photo sessions to include some or all of these things to make you feel even more beautiful during your sessions!!! How sweet is that?! Check her website out here! And click her business name above to give them a follow on Facebook!

Here are some other great businesses I learned about this week. Please check them out!

-Get your car boo boos fixed here at Carlson PDR

-Need some help making your house look purdy for the fall or holiday season? Check out Spruce and Spring Interiors!

-We all need insurance people, check out Sentinel Insurance Group!

-Anything and everything with home mortgages! Go here! The Loan Depot and ask for Joe!

-Did you know that there are nurses that will come to your house and make you feel better with IV fluids and nutrients? Hangover? Just wore out? The flu? Call MN IV - Hydration & Vitamin Therapy

-Something genius in the real estate world... a group that has 35 members and matches you with a realtor that best suits YOUR needs and personality! Score! Contact the Property Geeks for your best realtor match!

-Skin care needs? THE Esthetician is where you want to be!! Check out all she has to offer!

There are some more great businesses that I can't wait to share with you, but I'll save some for next time. I hope you enjoyed learning about all these great businesses as much as I did.

Ohhhhh, gosh, how did I forget! One more!!!! I almost don't want to share because right now it's a best kept secret and it's not too busy with a crazy long wait, but I suppose I'll share. Did you know The Better Half in Lakeville has all you can eat crab legs on Tuesday nights?! Gaaaah, sooooo good!!!! Don't tell too many people now!

Until next time,

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