Opening BennyAni Boutique

As most of you have seen... we have expanded BennyAni!!! We are now opening a boutique full of cute, stylish women's clothes. The boutique is currently all online but shopping has never been so easy!

Each Thursday we will be selling items live on Facebook. It's seriously so easy! Registering is a piece of cake (click here to register) and once you've done that, all you have to do is comment to add items to your cart! I know, it sounds too good to be true! We'll be honest, live boutiques can be dangerous... It's way too easy to fill up your cart. You can see why most husbands aren't too excited about this whole thing.

Our second live is tonight and we really want you to tune it! If you want fun new winter styles in your closet, you'll be coming to the right place! We have lots of buffalo plaid, cardigans, and a great mix of dressier clothes and casual clothes. We'll show you what everything looks like on and even give tips of what to pair with it. Watch for 5 minutes and you'll get sucked right in! It's easy to watch while working on laundry or just laying in bed after a long day.

We do our lives at 8:30 on Thursday nights because we know that kids are in bed and you are probably finally getting the me time you deserve. Even if you aren't looking for a wardrobe change, Christmas is coming faster than you can believe and our items are the perfect gifts for gals!

Come shop with us tonight! We hope to see you there! <3

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