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Prepping for a print appointment

In order to somewhat prepare for this appointment, please have an idea of what you'd like to order. Of course you do not need to know which images you'd like to use yet, but it's very helpful to put the the best package possible together for you if you know what you want! Here are some helpful questions to ask yourselves ahead of the session:

Do you want the heirloom album? If so, what size?

Do you want framed images? If so, what size?

Do you want loose prints (gift prints)? If so, what sizes?

Do you want custom birth announcements?

Do you want brag books?

Do you want to gift any albums/prints to your family?

Do you want to display your little one's birth statistics?

Think of the wall spaces in your home. Do you want help designing a wall? Or do you already know what you'd like to put there? Please feel free to take a picture(s) of wall spaces to have on your phone so that we may better assist you with wall designs. We offer many different sizes for all print products so if you know you have a big spot you'd like to fill with say a big family picture, take a picture so we can help you with sizing when you are here! This also helps us color coordinate with your walls so we know which print products would look best in the given area.

We really enjoy working with our clients on printing their images! These pictures are such a treasure and our print products make the images tangible and turn them into heirloom pieces that you will one day hand down to your sweet baby!


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