Smashing Cakes with Veronica

Veronica came into our studio smiling and we knew this was going to be a great session! Most of the time our littles come in and need some warming up in the new environment but not Veronica! With all of this COVID isolation we never expect babies that don't already have stranger danger. Coming into a new place where everyone is wearing a mask over half their face is just a little intimidating, so it's understandable. This sweet girl threw us for a loop and came in ready to conquer her cake smash!

These set colors... Amazing right?! This mama has great taste and these beautiful colors were perfect for this gorgeous little girl! Marggie and I alone were excited for this set with these new and fun colors. We love to do new things with our sets and this color combo was amazing! HUGE shoutout to Veronica's mama for picking out this wonderful color palette!

We had to watch Veronica close throughout this smash because she wanted to eat that confetti. So. Bad.

Veronica was just so fun that we had to do a milk bath too. She's too adorable not to! She seemed a little hesitant to splash with everyone watching and she didn't care to splash too much water in her face but she still treated us to an amazing milk bath shoot!

Seriously... Don't you just want to eat her chocolate eyes?! She is just the cutest model ever!! Like I said, she wasn't too into the splashing but she sure still looked adorable just playing in there! I hope I have pictures like this of my future daughter for our bathroom one day. They are one of my favorite sessions for many reasons. When we tell babies to splash and they realize we are encouraging it, they tend to take advantage of the opportunity as much as they can!

We hope to see this precious girl again soon! She needs to bring us a little brother or sister <3 We were honored to capture her first birthday milestone!

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