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Studio vs. Lifestyle photography

One thing BennyAni is big on is you, our clients!

Our main focus is to give you the exact images that you want. With our new studio, we have a lot of variety to offer to our clients. Very exciting, isnt it? If you follow us on social media you have probably seen a lot of new sets. My favorite part of working at BennyAni, designing sets for our clients. Cake smash’s are a whole different style of design for me but I’m loving the creative freedom I can use as an artist. When you book any kind of session at BennyAni you receive a questionnaire. We ask many questions so that we can give you the images you are paying for! One thing that clients often aren’t aware of is the difference in studio vs lifestyle photography. For every photographer this could mean something different, I am here to explain the difference in the two styles at BennyAni Photography.


This is such a timeless style of photography. Marggie has been doing it for years, thanks to our lovely clients that keep brining us their families and friends :) Studio style photography means you will be posed in a variety of ways, in front of a colored backdrop. You can bring your own outfit or select something we have in the studio. Here’s some examples of what a studio session looks like for each of our different sessions available

look at these cute little munchkins!


This is still a timeless style of photography but it offers a more “in home” feel to your images. You can choose between a living room set or a bedroom set. Kids have been loving the comfy bed to snuggle up on. Then comes the next question, how do you wish for your set to be designed? We offer two styles to chose from, Boho or Light Bright and Airy. Let me explain what each of those styles mean, then I will show you some examples :)

  • BOHO

For those wondering what the heck this new boho word means, you’re not the only one. Boho is a modern style that includes lots of earthy and neutral warm tones. We like to add pampas grass and greenery, maybe some macramé wall hangings. This is my personal favorite because there is more variety in elements of design/ decor.


“Light” meaning not too heavy on decor, very minimal and clean. We often throw some fuzzy blankets maybe a little bit of greenery but to keep it “bright” we stay focused on a white color scheme. I would describe “airy” as dreamy, almost like the set is in the clouds. This style photographs beautifully and when printed or framed it will fit in any setting due to its simple nature.

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