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This time next week at BennyAni Photography...

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Helllllloooooooo Lakeville!!!

Next Friday at 8am, the movers are coming!!! We start shooting here on February 1st! WOW, this is coming fast!

This is an image I took of my new office space last week! Doesn't look like much, but that is a whole lotta office products and furniture to put together.

MN Newborn Photography

MN Newborn Photography

Tomorrow my husband and I have a date here! I'll be going live to share our little assembly journey with you and give you a little inside peek into the new space! Look for us on our Facebook business page @BennyAniPhotography.

This new space is more than double in size, y'all!!! Like I said, this is an image of my office space, that's right a private office space. Of course, all are welcome in here and this is where you'll come for your custom printing appointments too!

I can't wait to see it all come to life and to share it with all of you!

Did you know that we will have staged living room and bedroom set ups for those beautiful lifestyle family images?!!?!! Has it been awhile since you updated your family photo? Have you ever done a family photo in the studio aside from milestone images? NO!? Let's do it. Envision light, bright, and airy. White linens, cream/ tan outfits, lots of pillows, and cozy, sweet moments captured between you and your littles. Or maybe a vintage living room with cozy throws, pillows, and plants! Then brought to life and beautifully framed on your wall! Gaaaah, I absolutely cannot wait to do this for my own family! I have the perfect wall space picked out.

We are beyond excited for this new space and can't wait to welcome you all to it!


Be one of the first 10 clients to book your lifestyle family session in the new studio and save $100!

We will have bedroom and living room sets to choose from. Imagine light, bright, airy, white linens, lots of pillows and cozy sweet moments captured! Or how about a vintage living room with pillows, throws, and plants! Or how about both!? Yup, we can do that, it's a full session! Did you know we can even sneak onto our roof top!??! Say what?!?!? Oh this session is going to be lit!

Book now and book when it's convenient for you! We are in studio Monday-Thursdays and will be adding Fridays this Fall!


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