Using Your Images for Gifts

One of my favorite parts of our business is our prints. Seeing images come to life in a frame or one of our albums truly never gets old. We give print rights with all of our images, but we LOVE creating gifts for clients.

One of our biggest sellers is our brag books. They are amazing! Our brag books are perfect for any grandma or grandpa that loves to brag about their grandchildren. You can carry them in your purse or pocket because they are so conveniently sized. Plus, they come with covers so that you can carry them around without damaging them. They come in sets of three so you have a couple to give out and sometimes an extra one to keep ;)

I seriously can't rave enough about these awesome books. Last year Marggie gave me a brag book of her kids and it has been out on my dresser ever since! I don't think I'll ever put it away, they are just too cute! <3 This year I got another one and that one stays in my purse. How can I resist?!

*Disclaimer: these are cellphone pictures. The quality is not reflected in these pictures. Images are for description purpose only.

Our gift prints are always an easy gift too. They are very reasonably priced for the quality that you get. Every time I'm packaging clients prints for pickup, their prints literally take my breath away. It's amazing how perfectly the quality of our images transfers to a printed version. You just don't get that from Walgreens or Target. They still print well at retail stores but when you print them through us, it turns into a high quality gift! Also, I'll give you a little insider hint... Hobby Lobby has 50% off frames every other week. If you order them online, they will come untouched but sometimes you can find them in great condition in store too! We have given my grandparents a big family picture to hang before and they loved it, I can only imagine how they would react if I gave them a framed print with the quality that our company delivers. It becomes a piece of art that you will never, ever want to take down.

If you REALLY want to "wow" Grandma and Grandpa... I'm sure you all have seen how incredible our albums are. They are a wonderful investment and they are perfect for the mantel or coffee tables. They are the highest quality albums I have ever seen. We recently had one of our close clients, turned friend, order a big one for her little guy that we captured every 3 months and let me tell you, I was teary eyed by the 3rd page. They are GORGEOUS. I honestly can't speak highly enough about them. My grandma would would be thrilled to have one of our albums of all her grandchildren. We have 3 sizes to choose from: 12x12, 10x10, and 8x8! You can decide how much you want to "wow" them ;)

*Disclaimer: these are cellphone pictures. The quality is not reflected in these pictures. Images are for description purpose only.

Purchasing pictures is an investment, you have to put them to use! We give you the digitals but we'd love to take care of your prints too. With Mother's day only a couple months away, keep our prints in mind! It's a gift you can't go wrong with. I can guarantee you that no mama will want to return one of these gifts!

Want more gift idea's? Contact us and ask about our other print products :)

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