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Vivienne's First Year with BennyAni Photography

One of the most fulfilling and precious pieces of our job is watching babies grow from newborn to cake smash and sometimes (if we are lucky) past the first year! That is one of the things I treasure most about this job! How lucky are we to watch all these sweet little ones grow?!

Vivienne's family started coming to us for photos a few years back. First we watched her big sister, Remy, grow and this year we had the honor of watching Vivienne grow too! Both are absolutely adorable! And Remy has grown SO fast too. Their biggest sister Peyton, is a bubbly sweetheart too.

Starting with her newborn session, Vivienne has nailed all 3 of her shoots! She has bright blue eyes and the cutest little dimple. Even at her newborn session she slept like a dream while Marggie was shooting.

Vivi, as Remy calls her, did great at her 6 month session too! Starting with some family pictures outside. Her blues eyes popped out in the sun. I swear they sparkle! Sibling photos at this age are really tricky. There is only so much you can do to get everyone's attention and smiles and kids lose patience FAST. In addition, 6 month is typically is right when littles start sitting, so they can't always hold themselves up for too long. We all know that 6 month wobble! Making sure she doesn't tip combined with trying to get two other kiddos to look and smile is no walk in the park. However, shooting family and sibling photos first warms babies up to doing the rest alone. She giggled and modeled like a natural for her solos. She tapped out on us not too far into her session - probably about 20-25 mins in - but we were able to squeeze some more poses out of her! Those eyes are just gorgeous!!

We are OBSESSED with Vivienne's cake smash!!!! She did so great and never stopped showing her personality for a second! We captured every single thing we could. I'm not sure Marggie's finger ever left her capture button!!! She danced, giggled, waved her finger around and absolutely devoured her cake. We are so excited to edit her full gallery! She nailed her regular pictures before the cake smash too. I already know those photos will be beyond adorable. Remy was a big help at the cake smash too! She helped make her sister smile and dance throughout the whole session.

This session was extra bittersweet. We will miss seeing this family every 6 months as we have seen them so often for 3 years now! We can't wait to see them again and watch these girls continue to grow.


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