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As I was looking for some more inspiration on what to blog about, I came across the idea of a "Get To Know Me" blog. I can't believe I haven't done this already! I've been here for 2 years, you would think I would have thought of this by now! Most of the time I'm doing the behind the scenes work so you don't hear from me too much. I know mama's are protective over their little ones and who wouldn't want to know who is handling their baby?! I promise you, I'm overprotective of your little one too. I do the spotting for 6 month sessions so the little star of the show doesn't tip over and get hurt and let me tell you, sometimes my heart really starts pounding while I'm spotting! Some are so wobbly and unstable that I feel on edge the whole entire time my eyes are on them. I've taken a dive a time or two to catch a falling baby and that really makes the adrenaline start pumping!

So, who am I and how did I find such an amazing job?...

I'm a baby lover!! I have always, ALWAYS loved kids! I think they are such joys! They are truly the light in this world! All I've ever wanted to do in life is be a mom, so you can imagine the baby fever I experience on a daily basis! I'll be patient and my time will come but for now, I get to work with babies every day! What more could I want??

I met Marggie when she built a house across the street from mine when I was about 14 years old. Flash forward to her daughter being born in 2013... When Aniston was about 2 years old I started nannying her most weekdays. Best. Job. Ever. Ani was a fun, spunky little girl and quickly stole my heart with her adorable little voice. In 2016, her son, Benten, was born. We added one to the bunch! My job just got even better! I quickly fell in love with caring for a baby under 1 year old which was a handful somedays with Ani only being 2 years old still. My hands were FULL. I continued to nanny them until Benten was about a year old!

Now, flash forward to 2018. I was planning to move to North Carolina at the end of the summer but plans changed and I ended up staying in MN ( for now ;) ). Now I was without a job and not really sure what to do moving forward. Marggie reached out to me amidst the heartbreak of changed plans and quickly let me know she was looking for an assistant at the studio. I quickly jumped at the opportunity and accepted! We already knew each other well so we knew it would be a good fit.

(Don't mind my watch in the photo, that's a huge photography no no!)

That's how I ended up here! I can't even believe that it's been two years. It flew by! It's been so fun to open another BennyAni business and work with clothes again too! Our Boutique has added even more excitement to my job. It's been an amazing experience to work behind two successful businesses.

Outside of work, my biggest hobby is crafting! I also love to explore, spend time with my friends and pets, shopping (who doesn't love shopping?!), and learning new things as often as I can! Usually if I'm crafting you can catch me also watching documentaries. Those might just be my favorite! I love to travel as much as I can too. I definitely wasn't meant to stay in one place my whole life! I love Minnesota but there is a whole world out there for me to see so I travel as much as I can! I love the ocean and mountains the most!

My main project at BennyAni is cake smashes. Oh. My. Word. I had no idea they were so fun! I love getting my creative juices flowing and it's shocking I still have the energy and desire to craft even after a day full of cake smashes! That's how much I love it!

I have really grown to love coordinating with clients too! While I was off of work during COVID, I truly missed working with clients. It was such a joy to get finally get back to that in June. I love getting to know others and my job is all about that! You might not know this about me even if you've had sessions with us but I am VERY chatty! I love talking. Way too much!

I appreciate every single client that walks through our door! I'm so blessed to have this job and have the opportunity to be a part of capturing such precious milestones. Not a day goes by that I don't wake up excited to go to work. How many people can say that?!

See you next time!

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