Capturing Miss Cora!

Precious Miss Cora came through our doors wide awake. Luckily with some heat and a full tummy, she started to doze off! Big brother Beckett was a quiet, well behaved 2 year old that gave us no problems at all! He wasn't as easy as a typical 2 year old boy! Most come running through with high energy. He was calm and ready to show us how great of a big brother he was. We don't expect 2 year old's to be perfect little models, we just count it as an added bonus! Beckett was a dream. Below are the beautiful results!

As we moved on to Cora's individual images, we were so shocked! She fell asleep completely and stayed asleep until we were done. Her session flew by and she was so fast asleep that she let us pose her however we needed to without giving us any troubles. Sweet Cora made our jobs look like a piece of cake!

Her full head of beautiful, dark hair made every color look breathtaking on her! It really puts the focus on her darling little face. Every photo turned out lovely!

White lace outfit by Inspired by Victoria Brown wrap by Pretty Photo Props

We are so excited to see this adorable girl at her 6 month session. It can't come soon enough! We love to see how these sweet babies change in just 6 months, but we always wish we didn't have to wait so long!

See you soon, Cora!

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