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Acrylics, Metals, and Prints OH MY!

Updated: Sep 9, 2022


If you've never considered booking a print appointment in the past...I have a feeling you're going to want to after this.


I am going to be completely transparents and tell you that prior to working at BennyAni, I didn't totally understand the hype around framed heirloom prints. Don't get me wrong, Marggie's work is absolutely gorgeous! I am slowly being enlightened as time goes on.

The thought of an heirloom image used to give me slight anxiety, it's a big decision.

A frame, with only one image in it.


And you're sure?

What if your future generations don't like it?

My mom has a TON of generational heirloom pieces that will someday be passed on! Her father was a professional painter so I grew up with family paintings all over the walls. I understand the beauty in an heirloom piece. It's fun for me to see these paintings and find out they are actually my ancestors, or my mom as a kid, or little house on the prairie???

Either way, it's cool to have something so special (one of a kind) be passed down to you!

However, there are a handful of creepy paintings that none of us children want.

It's sad but it's the truth.

One day the value of this piece will be in my hands, because my siblings probably won't care.

I always think about those creepy paintings of my grandmas brother who passed away in a car crash on prom night.


That's AWFUL!!

It's beautiful work but I don't want those vibes.

When clients are deciding on images that will be passed down to their children someday, I sit at my desk and wonder...

How can I make sure their kids aren't going to hide this in a closet someday?

We had an appointment the other day with an amazing client and her mother!

We love grandmas :)

Especially this one who calls her granddaughter

“my little dumpling”

Anyways, this momma had way too many images of herself in the house growing up, especially as an only child. She calls it “grandmas shrine”. It was apparently a table or something, right by the front door.

You walked in the house and BOOM. Individual framed faces starting at you.

She said her friends would make fun of her for it.

How heartbreaking is that? When designing and showcasing some print products to her, we made sure there was no shrine vibes.

She sent us images of her wall, with the last frame they ordered from Marggie. Using our system, we scale your walls and show you different groupings, sizing, colors (especially with baseboards) on your current walls. We ended up showing her how to arrange her first frame from us, with new pieces from this baby (#2) and save room for baby #3 someday!! It's going to be upstairs by their bedrooms, no shrine-ness just CUTENESS!

Using our design skills, we help you properly invest in a timeless heirloom print for your family! Not gonna lie, I love getting to utilize my interior design degree :)

We all have our own style. But the best people, are the people who love all styles!


Lets talk about the Metal Prints first!

This is our "iconic" rooftop maternity Metal stand-out

f I could go back in time and ask my ancestors to invest in an heirloom piece, it would be one of these bad boys :)

They are printed on aluminum which makes them lightweight and easy to hang.

Don't we all prefer a nail over a drill?

In our office we have both options of metal displays, take a look at our senior girly, CoCo and Marggies family pics, at US BANK stadium. You can see a difference, take a look!

The Metal post-print is a special option for displaying a metal image. Instead of just floating, now you have these industial chic posts holding it on the wall. We love the look these in laundry rooms, man caves (in Marggies case, a she cave), or even bathrooms! I think the posts are my favorite but it obviously depends where you're putting it. I just like the extra pizzas of the posts!

  • You will need a drill for this, but don't worry, we professionally install...


Now lets dive into the Acrylic Prints!

This is our "Iconic" breast feeding Acrylic Stand-out

As we like to say “Shellys boob”

This piece is such a hit, it's another one of my favs!

I like them all, sue me.

This image was edited to look like a painting. When we were redesigning the studio, we picked a statement piece! With the painting effect of this one, we've confused our clients to think all Acrylic stand-outs are made into a “painting”. You can chose whatever image from the gallery you'd like!

The Acrylics stand-outs are a perfect pieces for anywhere in your house you want people to see and say “this is beautiful”

Especially when it's your beautiful family!

We have been selling the crap out of these, especially for Entry ways and dining rooms!

You cant go wrong with any of the print products here, these are just my personal favorites! If you are interested in booking a print appointment, click this link and send us a form!

We would love to bring your images to life :)

It took me a long time to figure it out, and appreciate, the difference in these products! Maybe now you will consider investing in one of these sick pieces for your kiddos someday.

Thanks for listening to me ramble about the exciting products we have here at BennyAni! Stay up to date with our social media to see all the happenings!

Facebook: BennyAni Photography

Instagram: @Bennyani_photography

Seniors: @BennyAni_Seniors


Talk to you next week,

Xo Marki

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