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BennyAni Blossom

In the world around me, I often find the deeper meaning of things that inspire me. I consider myself insightful but also very observant.

I wish this could translate into all assets of my life but unfortunately my skill set isn't there yet. Someday I will be able to channel this power, for now I'll just share it with you :)

Last week I was inspired by spring, the season of growth, opportunity and new beginnings. Now I am looking through my camera roll, and I found these two videos.

I love the earth and its natural beauties, especially during the change of seasons. I started thinking about the two major phases of spring, bloom and blossom. The beginning is the bloom, the start of major growth. The more abundant, flourishing phase is the blossom . This past week was the beginning of our BennyAni blossom! I am sure you saw our exciting announcement posts about all the work we did with our print company and their video crew. Not only did we have our own feature on their channel, we had a full warehouse tour and got to meet the amazing production team that handcrafts your prints! There are so many steps in production that most people don't think about, heck, we never thought of it until we saw it with our own eyes! There are tons of new print products coming that we can't wait to show you. After speaking with some well respected individuals in the creative industry, we left feeling so inspired. The creative juices are FLOWIN’. Marggie and I have goals and shared dreams for this business and our clients. Our main priority is pleasing you guys, and boy do we have plans to blow your mind. We are in the process of a studio display that will leave you speechless! follow our social media so you can see what were talking about :)

We ended our week just as crazy as it started. On Thursday, we had the most adorable newborn session. I know I say they're all adorable but…..THEY ARE! Every family is adorable in different ways. Our Newborn session on Thursday was a family with the most amazing girl dad I've ever met. Im talking, painted toe nails, dress twirls and lots of kisses. My heart melted over this family, these girls are so lucky!

After our newborn session on Thursday we had a Donut Cake smash! I went on a mad goose chase for sprinkle donuts (I did not think it would be so hard to get my hands on sprinkle donuts but it sure was) We also ordered these adorable ONE donut shaped balloons to use for the session. While I was getting ready to set up, gathering supplies and getting everything ready for little Rena's celebration….I popped the N balloon. Yup! Did I have a mini panic attack? Yup! Did I problem solve? Yup!

Long story short, we rescheduled because little Rena had a fever anyway, but we always want to make sure our clients get what we planned for. This is an investment and we do our best to make sure its perfect! After the unfortunate but understandable circumstances we decided to have our own celebration. Obviously we couldn't just leave the set unused...

You always have to find the silver lining, our silver lining was DELISH. Needless to say, I will be more careful with those special balloons and go on another hunt for sprinkle donuts :) We can't wait to set up this smash again!

- Side note, look at the balloon sprinkles I made for the backdrop...SO CUTE!

I know this blog was a mosh posh of events, its truly what our week was like. Follow along on our social media and stay up to date with sneak peeks and exciting news :) We appreciate you all so much and cant wait for whats to come

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Instagram: @BennyAni_Photography

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