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Pinterest... The ULTIMATE life saver!

One of my BIGGEST resources when planning cake smashes or looking for inspiration is Pinterest. If you haven't been on there before (slim chance because it's amazing), you have to check it out! When brainstorming for cake smashes, this is absolutely my go-to. You can find so many ideas on there for decorations, outfits, cakes, or just themes in general! There are so many resources on there for our work.

Not only is it a must-have at work, I use it for personal projects ALL the time. I am always finding new recipes on there to try. Saving ideas has never been so easy. If you don't believe how often I use it, take a peek below.... Yeah... This is my list of boards... Way too many!

I personally use it for outfit ideas, crafts for the Cricut, flower crowns to make, recipes to try, gift ideas (this makes Christmas shopping so much easier each year), and phrases to use for projects. I also like to find pretty backgrounds for my phone and laptop on here. The ideas are literally ENDLESS.

Whoever created Pinterest is a freaking GENIUS! You can use it for anything! This is why I always point clients in the direction of Pinterest when we are planning for cake smashes. If they don't have a sample of exactly what you are looking for, they'll have lots of similar ideas that you can pull together for inspiration. Pinterest for the win!!


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