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Summer Essentials

I just need to share some of my summer favs with you guys. I love, not only the sunshine beaming rays of warm snuggles, but the good vibes of being outside all the time and the refreshing change in routine. Maybe school is out, or you have sports practice and games to get your kiddos to. Perhaps you just relax by the pool after a long work week (me). Whatever you are doing with yourself during this beautiful season, allow me to add some must haves to your life.


1. Must try…Nautical bowls

If you’ve never heard of this place, I’m so sorry for what you have been missing. Nautical bowls is my favorite Açaí bowl place! Even better, they began their franchise journey founded right here in Minnesota. I'm not kidding, I used to drive 45min all the way to Minnetonka just to get a bite of this heavenly superfood. Not only have they added new flavors to their menu (blood orange and mango base) but they have branched out and are now in 85 locations, two of my favorite being, Eagan and Apple valley!! One of my favorite things about this place is the little conversation cards on every table, little questions to ask your friends while you enjoy an amazing refreshing snack. I can’t recommend this place enough!!

Best smoothie bowl place in Minnesota

2. Must read…

Marggie and I love to discuss our favorite books with each other, I mean who doesn’t love book recommendations, its even better when you can exchange copies :) During an age of social media, we have every kind of content right at our fingertips. Although its probably toxic, we love to see what other people are doing. Social media is mind numbing but gives us all the information we need. Do kids still know what a newspaper is? Anyway, I prefer to emerge myself in a good book and take time away from technology. Right now (in my new rocking chairs) I have been such a book worm. Here are some reccomendations that will keep you away from your devices.

- Girl wash your face

- Manifesting money

- Calm the @!*$ down

Favorite book for summer and green juice

3. Must use…

- Chlorophyll

I love a good routine, it usually begins with coffee on the weekdays but on the weekends I’ve been starting my day with a green drink. I know, green drinks are scary, stay with me though. If you’ve never heard of Chlorophyll, no not chloroform…that’s the stuff you hear in murder shows…this is CHLOROPHYLL. This green substance can be found in concentrated form that you drop into a glass of water :) I drink it because its the pigment that gives plants their green color, its a main factor that contributes to photosynthesis. I dont remember much from middle school science but I do remember that photosynthesis is a process of plants absorbing energy from the sun to create nutrients.

Basically I drink algae water because I want to be a plant.

I’m kidding.

It’s a beneficial supplement for weight loss, body odor, skin, digestion, and if you’re anemic its very helful for oxeginating your blood, therefore MORE ENERGY!

- Head scrubber

This might be TMI but when the weather changes our bodies have to adjust. How many of you get dry scalp from laying in the sun. Marggie refers to these as “fliggins” no one wants “fliggins”

Must try Scalp scrubber

I got this last year for our family Christmas presents, you know the ones that are a little bit cheap, so you can buy a lot, but also AMAZING. It’s almost like giving your whole family a toothbrush…weird, but this is better than a toothbrush. This rubber scalp scrubber is like a do it yourself spa treatment, its a massager, lather-er (I don't think that’s a word) and great for dry scalp. Think of it like an exfoliation for your head. I love this little do dad, you can get them on Amazon for like $8!


This might seem like the most random combination of must haves but I hope you try at least one thing from this list. Even better, share your must haves with us!

We have quite a few exciting, upcoming events… make sure you are following along on social media to stay in the loop of what’s happening in our studio :)

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Thank you all for an amazing week, talk to you soon!



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