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A Week of Starts

Updated: May 10, 2022

Starting a new job makes me think about when I played sports, the beginning of a season, it takes time to form team chemistry. I tend to put too much pressure on myself, chasing perfection without time to learn. Marggie and I are a new team, learning how to read each others minds and work efficiently together at all times. There’s many aspects that go into the startup of a new season, a new adventure, a new team. Rather than stress about what we could do better, I just remind myself that practice makes perfect.

One aspect that plays a crucial roll in photography is lighting, determining not only the brightness but also the atmosphere, tone and mood of the final image. Now in order to have the right lighting you must have outlets to plug lights into, sounds simple, right? WRONG. The outlet situation upstairs is a major part of the learning process. If you’ve been up in our studio amidst a new set design, you’ve probably seen me run to ace hardware for an extension cord. Some of our clients have been a part of Marggie’s first natural light photo shoots, congrats! We appreciate everyone’s patience during this week of starts.

Our gorgeous studio now lives at 20788 Holyoke Ave, in downtown Lakeville #vintage. We live right above Tapestry coffee, they are wonderful neighbors! However, It’s been far too dangerous for my wallet, being just a few steps away from that delicious raspberry lemonade tea!! I literally think about it all day long. I cannot wait to meet more and more of you everyday I spend in this studio. I am learning more each day about Marggie, BennyAni photography, business management and all the amazing clients that walk through that door.

Lots more starts to come. Join us on our journey ahead!!

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