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How BennyAni Photography Formed

Updated: May 31, 2022

You know, every Friday that approaches I begin to think…What should I talk about this week for the blog. I know not very many people read this but I thank each one of you who does and hope one day, more people will :)

People often ask Marggie about how she came up with the name of her business or what her business name means. I wondered the same thing! During our sushi lunch date today, I got a good summary of her journey to finding BennyAni Photography.

She started as Supero Studios. What? Can you imagine Marggie as Supero Studios? I personally cannot. The message behind it is quite powerful.

This is what she said when I asked her about the story behind that name.

“My childhood best friend was diagnosed with stage four cancer and the word Supero means to overcome. One of our walkathon names was Supero and it just sort of stuck with me due to the meaning behind the name.”

Supero Studios didn't last and she re-entered the photography world. This time she offered wedding photography with the help of her husband! Together they became... “Portraits by Duncan”

“I thought Jared and I would do it together so I chose a name that was meaningful to the two of us.”

After shooting a few weddings she decided her passions lied elsewhere in the photography industry. Her specialty was not going to be weddings.

She closed the door on photography for a few years to focus on nursing. After graduating with her BSN, she had her sights set on becoming a Labor and Delivery Nurse.

Once she had reached her academic and career goals, and had two adorable children, she was able to pursue her creative passions again. How she had time to do that, I am not sure, but she did!

“Photography was my passion and nursing was my career, they collided perfectly in the newborn photography world."

Marggie and her husband turned her basement into a cute little newborn photography studio and she kept her name as Portraits by Duncan, but it didn't quite fit. Her kiddos were getting older and as much as she tried to avoid it, they had nicknames. Aniston is called “Ani” and Benten called “Benny”. There it was, BennyAni Photography. If you ask her sassy 8yr old daughter it should be “AniBenny”... because she's older, DUH! BennyAni flowed a little better and Marggie stuck with it!

That was probably a lot of information but I love stories! Some of you may remember Portraits by Duncan but I never knew she went by Supero Studios…did you?


Marggie and I have so much fun at the studio, maybe too much fun, or too much caffeine :) I don't know if you have noticed but we are very excited about some new edits being implemented. See for yourself…

Follow along on social media to see some of our newest work and set designs!

Instagram: @Bennyani_photography

Facebook: BennyAni Photography

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, enjoy the holiday and take lots of pictures :)

See you next week!

xoxo Marki

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