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What to Wear - Colors

Updated: May 10, 2022


“why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing?”

-Pablo Picasso


When it comes to family photos, sometimes all the participants are not on the same excitement level (yes, I’m mostly talking about dads here) getting dressed up isn’t their ideal activity, I get it. We keep a ton of options in the studio for moms and kids as far as attire. Dads are slightly excluded from this wardrobe fun. Here’s some tips on what to have dad wear when its time for your session. Im not saying that men can’t dress themselves but as a 23 year old, in a relationship with a male, I know the struggle is real. I recommend having dad wear a plain shirt to go with your preferred color scheme. A solid color T-shirt and jeans or khakis is a simple option. Throw an accented button up on top if needed, simple right? Marggie loves timeless images, avoiding logos will help with this! If you’re struggling to pick colors and accents here’s my opinion of what color schemes go best with which set.




Boho color pallets




Light bright & airy color pallets


Obviously this is just a suggestion :) We love when clients have their own style/ preference of colors they’re wanting to express! We also love getting to use our skills to provide the most aesthetically pleasing, timeless images to look back on and pass down for generations to come.

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