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The Office Space

We work hard to make our space feel and look inviting to everyone. We obviously have our own styles but comfort is the main focus! As someone who is passionate about interior design and organizing, I'm always rearranging to make the space more inviting (and confusing Marggie). The first thing you see from our entrance is me! HELLO!! I love greeting people as they walk in the door, If my desk is one of the first impressions, it must be consistent with who I am. Plus, decorating is my middle name.

Marquea Decorating Sawyer, pleased to meet you :)

I have a lot of crystals, essential oils and a cute little buddha to keep me grounded and calm during the crazy moments of stress! I don't get stressed often but rather frantic, because there is so much to do. I cant complain, even the frantic moments are always fun :)

I also have lots of plants, that have deffinity grown throughout the room! One day Marggie said to me “I wish we had some plants in here, but I can never keep them alive“.

Say less boss.

The next couple of days I started bringing plants one by one and adding some life to our space!

I love using my design skills to express myself in my space. I also love channeling my skills to express other design styles in a shared space. As you can probably tell, Marggie and I have different styles. Somehow, we make a cohesive team :)

These are some of my favorite parts of Marggie’s desk, she is for sure a boss girl and I love it! She has tons of family pictures surrounding her desk since the majority of our space is other families. There is a beautiful new computer on her desk and it is looking so FINE! I feel like I should add more to her desk space, maybe rearrange everything and confuse her a little.

I’m just kidding!

What do you guys think? If you’ve been in our office for print appointments or just to chat with us, what can we do to make it more welcoming?

I hope you all are enjoying this weekend and we can’t wait to see you in the coming months! We are booking all the way out to December already! If you’re expecting a precious new baby make sure to get your due dates on our calendar so we can secure your spot <3

Love and appreciate you all!

Xoxo, Marki

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