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Short week for big events

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Happy Friday everyone!! 

I hope you all had a fantastic week, especially if you had a short week like us. What's not to love about a short week. We might have had a short week but boy was it busy! I'm talking cake smashes, milk baths, rooftop maternity and milestones. Basically everything we normally do but the twin thing was very fun for me. Marggie has worked with twins in the past but it was my first “Twin Cake Smash” this is when the background music would go DUN DUN DUNNNN. 

On top of it being my first twin cake smash, it was also our first time working with a new cake lady!! 

We're always talking about changes in the studio, with decor and rearranging but this is a big change for the business. Marggie worked with her last cake supplier….DizzyCakes for like 12 years. Okay maybe not actually 12 years but from the sound of it, it's been basically forever. They worked hard to perfect the most smashable cake recipe, one that is sweet but not too sweet, durable but still smashable, most importantly adorable. We will miss Katie at Dizzycakes and wish her nothing but the best of luck in the rest of her journey. We cannot thank you enough for the dedication and talent you have for decorating and providing cakes for our sessions.

Here’s Marggie’s goodbye post to Cake Katie :)

There's a term called “masking” where you basically pretend the unpleasant feelings don’t exist and cover it with a more enjoyable feeling. Is this a healthy strategy, maybe not but it works! So allow me to mask our feelings of our cake lady leaving and get excited for our new cake lady….Sweetlymadeforyou

I did a couple headshots for her feature in the Voyage Minnesota magazine and then next thing you know she is officially our new “Cake Lady” shout out to you Rosa! 

We tagged her on our social media post about the twin cake smash, go check it out!

More about this crazy twin session here 

The other cake smash we did this week was a modern space theme! This balloon arch was for sure a challenge but they always kind of are, I mean balloons have a mind of their own. I have unfortunately become notorious for popping those foil balloons. You know the special ones that our clients request and don't come with back ups. Well, we were getting ready to shoot and had a last minute request for the addition of a rocket ship! 

Yes, of course, I'll grab the rocketship!

I found an astronaut too, talk about a double whammy.

I'm sure you can see where I'm going here. I popped the rocket ship. This is the second time that popping a balloon has made me want to fire myself. Everything was fine. The astronaut balloon went better than the rocket ship and looked absolutely adorable with little Langstens cake smash. Now pretend you dont know all of those behind the scenes details and check out his set :) 

That’s enough of me rambling, there's tons of fun little things to share about our week. What do you guys like to hear about? I always wonder if y'all prefer personal or professional blog posts. I usually just mix the two and this is what we get, I'm always open to suggestions though :) 

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Pssst, we have a ribbon cutting event coming up and the release of our studio redesign. Who's excited? Are we going to see you there? 

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Have an amazing weekend 

Xoxo, Marki 

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